A Jacksonville Women's Choice


Deborah Lyn Levich
Gary Dresden
Herman Miller
Kim Van Scrivner

Phone Number



4131 University Blvd. S., Bldg. # 2

Jacksonville, FL 32216

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Other info

Ambulance Transports Patient from NAF Abortion Facility in Jacksonville, Florida, 3/21/2017

Administrator: KELLY S MARTIN
Owner: A WOMAN'S CHOICE OF JACKSONVILLE INC Additional abortionist: Kim Van Scriver

Medication: Yes





Documented Death or Injury

CAD from Medical Emergency 10232013

CAD Transcripts from medical emergency on Oct. 23, 2013 (See audio file for 911 call)

911 Call Jacksonville Women's Health 10232013

Heavily redacted audio file of 911 call placed October 23, 2013 from Jackson Women's Health aka A Woman's Choice in Jacksonville, Florida.

Misc Documents

A Jacksonville Women's Health - Deficiency Report - May 5, 2008

Documentation shows that the clinic failed to provide 24-hour contact for a patient, resulting in their eventual admittance to the Emergency Department.