Center of Orlando for Women (Formerly Orlando Women's Center)


Frank Rodriguez
Jose Raul Quintana
Susan Kathleen Hirtz

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1103 Lucerne Terrace

Orlando, FL 32806

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Former clinic abortionist: James S. Pendergraft State could close clinics because abortion doctor faces drug charges Florida’s Notorious James Pendergraft Identified as Rolling Abortionist Arrested in South Carolina Orlando Women's Center Reopens - 07/19/2013 Police Raid Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Clinic, Seize Property - 06/13/2013 Twenty-year-old abortion patient awarded $36.7 million for damages from botched procedure at Orlando Women's Center on November 17, 2001. Abortionist profile - Randall B. Whitney: Medical background, botched abortion/malpractice history, and criminal record for abortionist Randall Whitney. Abortionist profile - James S. Pendergraft: Malpractice history, botched abortion history, and disciplinary history Abortion "Doctor" in Florida Arrested and Jailed for Avoiding Criminal Trial

Administrator: MEGAN CLEMENTE

Medication: Yes





FloridaHealthFindergov CENTER OF ORLANDO FOR WOMEN Facility Profile

FL AHCA online profile for Center of Orlando for Women showing that business is currently licensed to conduct abortions under the ownership of Denise Williams, Pendergraft's former wife.

Center of Orlando for Women Facility License Application

March 9, 2017, license application under new name. Indicates Randall Whitney as designated medical director. However, Whitney's medical license is under indefinite suspension (current as of 4/14/2018).

Orlando Women's Center -- 2017 FL abortion clinic license renewal - Center Of Orlando For Women

Medical director is abortionist Randall Whitney, MD. See page 5.

FloridaHealthFindergov ORLANDO WOMENS CENTER Facility Profile

FL AHCA online profile for OWC showing its facility license was revoked on 3/27/2018.

Disciplinary History

Facility license revocation order

May 5, 2017: Facility license revoked due to owner James Scott Pendergraft IV arrest in South Carolina for operating illegal mobile abortion operation out of his van. (7/24/2017: stayed pending appeal)

Orlando Women's Ctr Fine Imposed 01232017

1/23/2017: $200.00 fine imposed for failing to file monthly report of induced terminations of pregnancy.

Malpractice History

C.H. vs. Whitney - 2nd Amended Complaint - Aug 8, 2006

The 20-year-old mother sues Randall Whitney, James Pendergraft, and Orlando Women's Center for negligence and malpractice in directing unlicensed staff to perform an abortion, which resulted in a botched procedure, premature delivery, and permanent injuries to her baby.

Stalley vs. Whitney - Amended Complaint - 2004

Malpractice suit against Randall Whitney, James Pendergraft, and Orlando Women's Center for directing unlicensed staff to perform an abortion, which resulted in a botched procedure, premature delivery, and permanent injuries to her baby.

C.H. v. Whitney, District Court of Appeal of Florida, 5th District, 5-30-2008

May 30, 2008, Synopsis: Abortion patient C.H. sued abortionist Randall B. Whitney for malpractice after he botched her abortion, which caused her baby to be born prematurely and suffer permanent physical and mental injuries, disability, and disfigurement. C.H. sued for malpractice, but the lower court ruled in favor of the abortionist. In this decision, the FL Appeals Court reversed the lower court decision, and ruled in favor of the botched abortion patient.

Criminal History

Randall Whitney, Police Affidavit, 3-27-2010

Mar. 27, 2010: Police Report and Charging Affidavit - Abortionist Randall B. Whitney charged with committing felony aggravated battery on a patient at Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic.

Misc Documents

LLC Annual Report-1103 Lucerne Ter LLC

4/23/2017 Annual Report filed with State Secretary of State indicating Pendergraft control of this business,

Abortion Doctor USA Late Term Abortion Specialist United State

Pendergraft's verbose bio as clinic founder gives the illusion he is still practicing. His license is under suspension. (Current as of 4/15/2018)

1103 Lucerne Ter Ownership - Property Record

State real estate listing showing Pendergraft sold this property to 1103 Lucerne Terrace Corp om 1999. According to at corp's 4/23/17 annual report, Pendergraft has maintained control of the property.

Orlando Women's Ctr Deficiencies Aug 2013

Medications stored unsecured, opened, and unsupervised. Seven of seven patients not assessed, monitored, treated, or evaluated by licensed or qualified staff. Patient records stored unsecured, opened and unsupervised in area accessible to the public.