EMW Women's Surgical Center


Ashlee Beth Bergin
Ernest W. Marshall
Tanya E. Franklin

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138 W Market St.

Louisville, KY 40202

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Anna Ahola serves as director of Louisville's EMW Women's Surgical Center. Abortion Free State? Kentucky Orders Last Abortion Business to Close, Prompting Lawsuit, 3/31/2017 Shoddy Kentucky Abortion Business are Not the Exception, but the Rule, 1/23/2017

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Misc Documents


EMW Surgical Center sues to block a state order to shut down due to their failure to meet licensing requirements. Includes exhibits.

Notification of Intent to Revoke - EMW Louisville

Letter dated 3/13/2017 orders EMW to come into compliance within 10 days or face license revocation for failing to meet licensing requirements. That deadline was later extended to April 3, 2017.

2014 Transfer Agreement betwee EMW & University of Louisville

Hospital transfer agreement between EMW Women's Surgical Center and the University of Louisville. The State of Kentucky contends that the hospital representative who signed the agreement had no authority to do so.