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Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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Resumed abortions in 2016. As of 2/26/2016, Delta is open but no longer doing abortions of any kind.  It is scheduling and referring all women seeking abortions to Women's Health Care Center in New Orleans.  This is due to the 5th Circuit decision issued 2/24/2016 allowing enforcement of a law requiring that abortionists maintain local hospital privileges. Baton Rouge clinic no longer performing abortions because of new Louisiana law, will refer women to New Orleans location Delta Clinic involved in numerous botched abortions, patient deaths January 1990 - Botched abortion at Delta Women's Clinic causes acute kidney failure, patient death June 1984 - Patient dead after botched abortion at Delta Women's Clinic Delta Women's Clinic relocated in 2001 after an electrical fire gutted the facility - clinic reopened in  another building (see end of article) Complaints Filed Over Botched Abortion Raise Questions About Illegal Reporting Congressman Seeking Release of Information Concerning Falsification of Documents by Abortion Clinic Chronological History of Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge - patient deaths, numerous injuries, botched abortions, and safety violations

  • March 16, 1990, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.)
  • Federal judge fines N.O. women's clinic
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A federal judge fined the Delta Women's Clinic -- the longest functioning abortion clinic in New Orleans -- $337,000 for letting three doctors prescribe and dispense drugs without being registered to do so at that location.The doctors also were fined a total of $278,000 by U.S. District Judge Adrian Duplantier, who handled a civil suit filed last summer against the clinic and the doctors by the federal government.

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Disciplinary History

ADF Letter requesting closure of Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge - Jun 17, 2010

ADF attorneys ask that the Department of Health and Hospitals shut down the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, based on findings that the facility's actions created the substantial possibility of serious harm or death to patients.

Redacted Gardner Complaint

Alleges incomplete medical abortion, rude clinics staff behavior, battery by the abortionist Gardner, surgical abortion without anesthesia in order to clean up after the failed medical abortion and punish patient for requiring additional care. Case closed without action or notification to complainant in July, 2011.

Malpractice History

Chronological History of Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

Compilation of safety violations, patient injuries, deaths, and botched abortions at the Delta Clinic.

Criminal History

Delta Clinic - Boustany Letter - Dec 12, 2012

LA Congressman Boustany requests the Department of Health and Hospitals to release documentation showing that Delta Clinic falsified documents and withheld information to protect child predators and rapists.

DHH Letter to DA Moore

Letter dated March 17, 2011, from the Department of Health and Hospitals referring numerous violations by Delta Clinic to District Attorney Hillar Moore for possible prosecution.

Misc Documents

Delta Clinic, Baton Rouge, LA - Witness Affidavits - July 1999

Witness Affidavits from four former Delta Clinic employees, July 1999: Each sworn witness describes similar personal observations of filthy, unsterile, and dangerous conditions at the Delta Clinic. Multiple witnesses describe clinic personnel using rusty, blood-stained instruments in abortion procedures. Witnesses also describe being disturbed at the standard clinic practice of reusing "single use only" equipment on multiple patients instead of discarding it after each procedure. In addition, multiple witnesses describe unlicensed clinic staff illegally administering drugs, and constant problems with overmedicated patients and botched abortion procedures.

Clinic Licenses and Fine Assessments

Document contains copies of clinic licenses and fine assessments from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Statement of Deficiencies - Oct 9, 2007

Statement reveals various deficiencies in operation of abortion clinic

Statement of Deficiencies - Dec 7, 2009

Statement reveals various deficiencies in operation of abortion clinic

Statement of Deficiencies - Feb 3, 2011

Statement reveals various deficiencies in operation of abortion clinic