Greater Boston-Planned Parenthood League of MA

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Former clinic abortionist: John Gibson Curington Former clinic abortionist: Deborah Anne Bartz Former clinic abortionist: Steven Ralston Former clinic abortionist: Maureen Elizabeth Paul Former clinic abortionist: Louis "Jerry" Edwards Former clinic abortionist: Diane R. Amsterdam Former clinic abortionist: Sadia Haider Former clinic abortionist: Jennifer M. Lesko Former clinic abortionist: Melody Y. Hou Former clinic abortionist: Sarita Sonalkar 911 Records: Boston Planned Parenthood Patient Suffered Post-Abortion Hemorrhage - (March 28, 2017) Planned Parenthood Abortion Facilities Hospitalize Two More Patients, April 5, 2017 Police Report: Woman unresponsive after abortion at PP Boston Six emergency vehicles swarm Boston Planned Parenthood Ambulance Transports Victim from Boston Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Two Abortion Injuries on Same Day Land Women in Hospitals in Two States Third Abortion Injury at Boston Planned Parenthood Highlights Epidemic of Botched Abortions Brent Dubeshter has now left MA but is still in NY. Dubeshter once owned a clinic called Repro.   2015 salaries for top employees:

  • Martha Waltz CEO made $293,277 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Sisan Lit COO made $223,650 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Debbie Fenton VP of Health Center Operations made $145,747 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Collen Pinch Health Services Director made $178,590 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Karen Caponi Health Services Director made $166,449 for 35 hrs/wk
2014 staff data (see 2014 Form 990, page 14-15):
  • Kathleen Tyrrell, CNP -- Mid-level Clinician, 35 hrs/wk
  • Karen Caponi -- Health Services director, 35 hrs/wk
  • Colleen Pinch, NP -- Health services Director, 35 hrs/wk
  • Alison Swift Packard, MD -- Vice-Chairman, 1 hr/wk
  • Toni Golen, MD -- Director, 1 hr/wk
  • Atsuko Koyama, MD -- Clerk, 1 hr/wk
  • Andrea Edlow, MD -- Director, 1 hr/wk

Medication: Yes




Kathleen Tyrrell, CNP -- Massachusetts nurse profile 2017

MA nurse license profile for certified nurse practitioner Kathleen Tyrrell. Tyrrell works at PP League of Massachusetts.

Kathleen Tyrrell, RN -- license number

Registered nurse license number for Kathleen Tyrrell. Tyrrell is a mid-level clinician at PP League of MA. See 2014 Form 990, page 15.

PP League of Massachusetts -- Dr. Mark A. Schuster, Board of Directors

MA medical license profile for PPLM board of directors member Mark A. Schuster, MD.

PP League of Massachusetts (Worcester, Boston, Springfield) -- 2018 lab compliance certificates

Includes lab certificate for Greater Boston PP location; valid through 09-13-2018.

Toni Golen (PP Board Member) -- Massachusetts license - valid through 07-23-2018

MA medical license for Toni Golen, MD, who is on the 2017 PPLM Board of Directors. See document below.

Toni Golen (PP board member) - Massachusetts license - valid through 07-23-2020

MA medical license for Toni Golen, MD, who is on the 2017 PPLM Board of Directors. See document below.


Rhode Island -- Expired license profile for registered nurse Colleen Pinch.

Disciplinary History

Malpractice History

Mola vs. Wheeler, Paul, PP Massachusetts - Amended Complaint

Danielle Mola sues Planned Parenthood for negligence. Plaintiff sues Maureen Paul, MD, Colleen Pinch, NP, Winn Wheeler, RN, and PP of Massachusetts for permanent injuries.


Case summary and civil docket.

Criminal History

Documented Death or Injury

Kalat vs. Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc.

Medical malpractice action resulting from death of 22-year-old Elise A. Kalat on Feb 10, 1987.

Boston EMS - 911 call dates in 2014

In 2014, Boston EMS responded to 911 calls at 1055 Commonwealth Ave (Greater Boston Planned Parenthood) on the following dates: March 12, April 16, June 28, July 16, September 22, October 3, and December 11, 2014.

march 12 2014 pp boston 911 incident

911 CAD printout for incident involving a female patient transported to the hospital from Planned Parenthood in Boston. Her condition was described as "postictal," which refers to the altered state of consciousness after an epileptic seizure. It usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes, but sometimes longer in the case of larger or more severe seizures, and is characterized by drowsiness, confusion, nausea, hypertension, headache or migraine, and other disorienting symptoms.

911 Transcript From Emergency on March 12, 2014

Ver batim transcription of 911 call placed by Planned Parenthood in Boston on March 12, 2014.

Boston EMS 911 incident - 03-24-2018

911 call for incident at Greater Boston PP abortion clinic at 1055 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA.


Boston Police Report indicating that a Planned Parenthood patient was unconscious and unresponsive on March 12, 2014, and required emergency transport to a local hospital.


CAD from March 28, 2017, showing an abortion patient that hemorrhaged and required hospitalization.

cullen v pp

Plaintiff alleges that she received a suction abortion that was done improperly, leading to massive blood loss. She was released by Planned Parenthood and 3 hours later fainted, suffering a concussion, broken teeth, and a gash on her face. After fainting, she was rushed to the hospital.

Misc Documents

Greater Boston Planned Parenthood -- Jan 2014 -- Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider list

Listing for multiple abortionists at Greater Boston PP abortion clinic, as of Jan 31, 2014.

Greater Boston Planned Parenthood -- March 2013 - BlueCross/BlueShield provider list

March 2013 -- List of multiple doctors at Greater Boston Planned Parenthood.

PP League of Massachusetts -- PPLM board members 2018

Danielle Roncari is Medical Director of PPLM.

Toni Golen, MD (PP Board member) -- 2016 Smith v. Boston Maternal Fetal Medicine - malpractice

2016 malpractice suit. Defendants include Toni Golen, MD (PP board member). See page 2.

PP Boston - 2016-01-31 elevator issue

Elevator inspection at Greater Boston Planned Parenthood on Jan. 31, 2016.

2016 Form 990 -- Planned Parenthood League of MA

Tax form for 2016 (see note at top right). Jennifer Childs-Roshak is principle officer. See page 1.

PP League of Massachusetts -- Board of Directors, July 2017

PPLM board of directors includes Mark A. Schuster, MD, Toni Golen, MD, and attorney Jamie Ann Sabino, Esq. See page 2.

2001-03-27 Planned Parenthood attorney disciplined

March 27, 2001 -- Public reprimand document for PP League of Massachusetts attorney Jamie Ann Sabino.

Greater Boston Planned Parenthood -- May 2016 - BlueCross/BlueShield provider list

May 2016 -- List of multiple doctors at Greater Boston Planned Parenthood. List includes medical doctors Alisa B. Goldberg, Alice G. Mark, Rebecca H. Allen, Anne B. Dixon, and Luu D. Ireland.

2014 Form 990 - PP League of Massachusetts Inc

Planned Parenthood league of Massachusetts -- State: MA -- Net Assets: $23,467,872 -- Gross Revenue: $20,336,603 -- Net Revenue: $301,668 -- Key Worker 1: Colleen Pinch (Health Services Director) -- Key Worker 1 Compensation: $138,876 -- Key Worker 2: Karen Caponi (Health Services Director) -- Key Worker 2 Compensation: $136,301 -- Key Worker 3: Debbie Fenton (VP of Health Center Operations) -- Key Worker 3 Compensation: $136,094 -- Key Worker 4: Kathleen Tyrrell (Mid-level Clinician) -- Key Worker 4 Compensation: $106,923

2014 Form 990 -- PP Advocacy Fund

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund -- State: MA -- Net Assets: $215,225 -- Gross Revenue: $221,788 -- Net Revenue: $6,057

PP Boston - 2016-08-04 fire dept tours Planned Parenthood

The Boston fire dept. inspects Greater Boston Planned Parenthood for compliance on Aug. 4, 2016.

Colleen Pinch, NP -- Blue Cross abortion clinic listing 2017

Licensed Nurse Practitioner Colleen Pinch works at Greater Boston PP, as shown on her 2017 BlueCross/BlueShield profile.

PP Boston - 2016-01-31 freight elevator

The Boston fire dept. inspects the freight elevator at Greater Boston Planned Parenthood.

Toni Golen, MD (PP board member) - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr

Hospital staff profile for Toni Golen, MD. Golen is on the Board of Directors for PP League of Massachusetts. See 2017 Board of Directors document, page 2.

PP League of Mass (Boston) -- Toni Golen, MD pic (PP Board member)

Picture of Toni Golen, MD, who is on the 2017 Board of Directors for the PP League of Massachusetts. See separate document on this page.

Greater Boston - PP League of Massachusetts -- Boston Fire Dept reports: March 2014 - Oct 2017

Boston Fire Dept reports for incidents at Greater Boston PP abortion clinic: March 2014 - Oct 2017. 40 pages.

2018 Boston Fire Dept -- screenshot of 2018 calls list - Greater Boston PP

Boston Fire Dept: screenshot of 2018 calls list from Greater Boston PP abortion clinic.


Financial data, board of directors, employees' compensation, and connection with Pratt OB/GYN etc.


This place does abortion contracting with PP of MA.


This place does abortion contracting with PP of MA.

Arrest Report, March 2015

Boston police arrest a man carrying a taser at Planned Parenthood.

pp advocacy 2011 to 2012

990 EZ tax form

2017-10-06 Complaint -- Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

The state of Massachusetts sues the U.S. government over Affordable Care Act contraception policies.

2017-12-12 Amicus Brief -- Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

Amicus Brief parties include Naral Pro-Choice Massachusetts, and the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

Fall 2017 -- PPLM "the Advocate"

Feature story on Dr. Elizabeth Janiak, and Dr. Kari Braaten research for PPLM. See page 3.