Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore


Earl N. Mcleod
Frederick Gordon Weinstein
Jeevan Mathura, Sr.

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5602 Baltimore National Pike # 600

Baltimore, MD 21228

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Former clinic anesthesiologist: Wesly Desroches (deceased) Hillcrest Clinic, Inc. website - brags they have been open since 1973 Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ licensed abortion facilities that failed to meet requirements -- (see info on Hillcrest Clinic) WARNING!  As of 4/5/2016 this facility is unlicensed! Was temporarily closed for renovations due to new ownership in February, 2016.  Now affiliated with Potomac Family Planning. Reopened April 2016. Same abortionists with history of malpractice/ discipline/ child rapist protecting/ license revocation. $375 for medication abortions, $360 for awake surgery to 10 weeks, $445 for asleep Former abortionists: Alan C. Gold (malpractice history), Moshe Salomy (malpractice history), Sheo Sharma (malpractice history).    

Medication: Yes




List of Licensed Surgical Abortion Facilities 04052016

WARNING! Hillcrest is not listed on this official Department of Health and Mental Hygiene list of licensed surgical abortion facilities as of April 5, 2016. (List downloaded April 2, 2016.) It must be licensed in order to legally conduct abortions!

Disciplinary History

DHMH Letter Substantiating Dumping Complaint 04142016

Letter dated April 14, 2016, indicates a complaint (for illegal dumping of private patient records and HIPAA violations) was substantiated. Letter notes that Hillcrest was not licensed at the time of the inspection so it could not be cited. DHMH notified other agencies of violations.

Malpractice History

License Restrictions

Misc Documents

2016-05-04 Baltimore Abortion Facility Caught Operating Without a License & Violating Patient Privacy Laws

May 4, 2016 -- Violations info on Hillcrest clinic of Baltimore, where Earl McLeod works as an abortionist. Also contains details on patient death from a 1999 botched abortion performed by Earl McLeod at the Potomac Family Planning Center in Rockville. See page 2.

Hillcrest Clinic Facility Survey May 20 2015

Not been performing staff training for CPR, new employee orientation, OSHA training, sonograms, conscious sedation, fire drills, emergency transfers ---- 4 of 4 physicians not maintaining credentials or documentation of license, hospital affiliation, annual review, CV, board certification, DEA license, disciplinary action, liability insurance, documentation of physical/mental disability, data from national databank, letter with initial appointment/reappointment to center, peer review, quality/risk data, adherene to policies and procedures, MD practice patterns, documentation of basic/advanced life support. 2 of 2 nurses missing nurse anesthestist certification, agreements for anesthesiology, collaborating physician reporting. ---- 4 of 4 physicians not reappraised or reviewed for biennial reappointment ---- Missing policies in 12 crucial areas ---- No quality assurance inspection since Nov 2012 (supposed to be annual) ---- 15 of 15 staff found uncompliant for failture to ensure they are free from communicable diseases including immunizations, TB, HepB

Hillcrest Clinic Facility Survey Sep 3 2015

8 of 15 staff members not in compliance with immunizations, TB testing, Hepatitis B --- RN did not discard expired medications; 8 medications already expired but still in circulation --- 6 of 6 medical staff not properly maintaining credentialing or documentation --- 6 of 6 staff not reappraised or reviewed for biennial reappointment --- 8 of 11 health professional staff missing paperwork with updated verification or documentation of certifications --- Policies remain incomplete --- No evaluations of the quality of patient care --- No policy on labratory turn around time and review of lab tests

Hillcrest Clinic Relicensure Survey April 12 2016

No deficiencies cited at time of survey.

Facility survey March 3-4 2016

Problems found, but the health dept was unable to cite the deficiencies because the facility was not even licensed.

Hillcrest Clinic, Initial Survey, Feb 12 2013

Health and safety violations discovered during a Feb. 2013 inspection: chemical indicators not used in sterilized packages, internal steam indicator strips not used to ensure the sterilization of surgical instruments --- 9 of 9 employees not trained in emergency transfer of patients to hospital --- 2 of 4 patients missing discharge diagnosis --- no policy/procedure for safety practices including control of fire or mechanical hazards --- medication syringe not labeled and contents unknown,

Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore - child predator.com transcript

2011 Phone Transcript, childpredator.com: 13-year-old caller says her 22-year-old boyfriend got her pregnant. Asks if clinic will tell anyone about her getting an abortion. Clinic staff ignores parental notification law, and statutory rape by 22-year-old male. Staff member tells 13-year-old, "we don't give out any information about any of our patients no matter how old or young they are."