Whole Woman's Health Baltimore LLC


Delhi Thweatt
Timothy P. Spurrell

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7648 Belair Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21236

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Misc Documents

Whole Woman's Health Baltimore, Initial Survey, 2 22 2013

Violations discovered during a facility inspection, including: improper use and storage of medications; 43 syringes with liquid pre-drawn and no label to indicate the name of the solution, date drawn, who drew it, and the expiration date; failure to secure medical waste sharps and protect the safety of the patients; recovery room sharps containers both open with syringes, needles, and medications at top and easily accessible to patients

Whole Woman's Health Baltimore, Relicensure Survey, 7 27 2015

Violations include: 4 of 10 staff not immunized for Hep B as required, INCLUDING the physicians