Prince George's Reproductive Health Services


Delhi E. Thweatt Jr

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7411 Riggs Rd. # 300

Hyattsville, MD 20783

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Closed permanently on 9/27/2017 in a real estate deal with the Maryland Coalition for Life that also closed Germantown Reproductive Health Services. Former clinic abortionist: Harold O. Alexander Late-Term Abortionist that Blamed Operation Rescue for His Problems Has Medical License Revoked, 10/28/2016 Link to his medical license data

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Prince George's Reproductive Health Svcs - Child Predator tape - Audio transcript: 13-year-old girl calls Prince George's Reproductive Health Svcs. to ask about getting an abortion. Says her 22-year-old boyfriend got her pregnant. Clinic staff ignores statutory rape by 22-year-old male. Staff member reassures 13-year-old they won't tell anyone she might be pregnant.

Prince Georges Reproductive, Initial Survey 2 14 2013

Violations found during facility inspection in Feb. 2013, incluiding failure to properly sterilize surgical equipment; 7 of 7 patient records missing discharge diagnosis, administrator confirmed no diagnosis given before patients discharged to home; 7 of 7 staff not orientated, trained, or competent in patient care for an emergency patient transfer or in management of emergency equipment; physician missing information from the National Practicioners Databank; Oxytocin being 1) improperly stored and 2) already expired in Aug 2012; OPEN biohazards box containing waste and soiled chux is in instrument reprocessing room; staffer put her gloved hands into the biohazards box and then proceeded to "reprocess" the instruments without washing or disinfecting hands or changing gloves; reprocessing space is too small to prevent dirty and clean instruments from mixing.


Violations include five staff not screened or tested for infectious diseases including Hep B and TB, fire drill or disaster training not being done, no airway suction machine in the facility for medical emergencies, no necessary supplies to perform oral airway suction in an emergency, controlled medicines not properly stored or logged or documented or inventoried.