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Sheo P. Sharma

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66 Painters Mill Rd.

Owings Mills, MD 21117

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Nine medical malpractice suits filed against abortionist Sheo Sharma (page 2 & 3 of article) Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ licensed abortion facilities that failed to meet requirements -- (See info on Femi-Care Surgery Center) FALL 2016 UPDATE: This facility is NOT licensed any longer, neither as Ambulatory Surgical Center nor as a Surgical Abortion Facility. They continue to perform abortions, illegally. As of Nov 3, 2016, Dr. Sharma and his staff are still scheduling and doing abortions against the law without a license. This facility is licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center and is not listed on the Maryland Department of Health's roster of Surgical Abortion Facilities as of May, 2016. Abortionist Sheo Sharma's medical license was placed on probation, 4/30/2012. Sharma was also disciplined by Maryland Board of Physicians: "Reprimand and Probation with terms and conditions. The Board found that the physician failed to meet the standards of quality medical care."  

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Disciplinary History

Sharma, Sheo P - Reprimand and License Probation - 12-3-1997

Abortionist Sheo Sharma - medical license placed on probation, 12/3/1997. Sharma was delivering a baby, and failed to note that the baby was in fetal distress. Instead of performing a caesarian section, he left for dinner while the baby was still in distress. The baby suffered severe complications, and died 5 days later.

Sharma Sheo P - license probation terminated - 9-29-1999

Abortionist Sharma's medical license reinstated after 1 year probation, and after completing remedial medical training. 9/29/1999

Sharma, Sheo P - New reprimand and license probation - 4-30-12

Abortionist Sheo Sharma loses medical license again - 4/30/2012. Sharma failed to properly complete surgery on a patient, and left a laparotomy pad in patient's abdomen. Sharma reprimanded & license placed on probation again by MD Board of Physicians.

Malpractice History

Sharma Sheo P - Details of 9 malpractice suits

Abortionist Sheo Sharma - Details of 9 medical malpractice claims (page 2 & 3)

Misc Documents

2015-05-20 Case Docket -- Elite Bail Bonds v. Tanach Lyons - garnishee is Femi-Care Surgery

Elite Bail Bonds v. Tanach Lyons -- garnishee is Femi-Care Surgery -- garnishment case bail bond.