Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC

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1400 Spring St., Ste 450

Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Closing as of March 17, 2017, due to lost lease as result of pro-life activism. Former clinic abortionist: Matthew F. Reeves Former clinic abortionist: Earl Horton Former clinic abortionist: Jamila D. Perritt, aka Jamila Burgess Perritt Former clinic abortionist: Willie Parker Former clinic abortionist: Mark J. Hathaway Former clinic abortionist: Diane Horvath-Cosper Former clinic abortionist: Katelyn R. Smithling Maryland Planned Parenthood Must Shut Down Due to Pro-Life Pressure, 10/18/2016 No Gurney: Barely Able to Walk, Planned Parenthood Patient is Lifted into Ambulance, 3/24/2016 Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington - clinic profile, may use several abortionists

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Malpractice History

2017-06-20 Malpractice lawsuit -- Case docket

Malpractice lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington DC, and Diane Horvath-Cosper. See list of defendants on pages 1-2.

2016 Doe v. Planned Parenthood & Diane Horvath-Cosper

Patient sues Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring, MD, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC, and abortionist Diane Horvath-Cosper for a botched abortion performed about Jan. 28, 2016. During the abortion, Dr. Horvath-Cosper perforated the patient's uterus, and destroyed her right ovary, right fallopian tube, and portions of her uterus, appendix, and other tissues. Dr. Horvath- Cosper also failed to complete the abortion, and left the placenta and the calvarium (baby's head) in the uterus. See pages 1-5.

Misc Documents

Horton, Earl - Rate MD'

Patient testimonial, Aug 5, 2008: "Dr. Horton performed an abortion on me at the Planned Parenthood clinic located on 16th street in Washington, DC. He was very, very rough with his finger, the speculum and the actual abortion procedure. I have had doctor insert their fingers before and speculums before for pap smears, and no other doctor was as rough as Dr. Horton. It was actually painful. I never experienced that before. During the procedure, he was so rough that I felt as if a hanger was being used to scrape my insides. I just hope that my cervix and uterus are okay. I would never have him perform any procedure ever again. If you care about your reproductive future, I would not suggest Dr. Horton for any surgical [sic] or procedure."

Planned Parenthood Metro Initial Survey Feb 28 2013

Violations discovered during a Feb. 2013, facility inspection.


Violations found, including two staff not competent in skills for patient care, two other staff not certified in basic life support, two more staff not trained in procedure of transfer of patient to a hospital in case of a medical emergency, dirty surgical instruments not properly cleaned, and surgical instruments not properly sterilized.

Planned Parenthood Metro Plan of Corrections Feb 8 2016

The Plan of Corrections (POC) was submitted Feb 2016 instead of within 10 days of survey as required by law. So, between Aug and Feb, for SIX MONTHS, the clinic was allowed to operate with multiple serious violations being cited for the second time in a row, with no discipline or fines.