Summit Medical Center (Detroit)


Antoinette Byrd-Carr
Brenda Pereda
Elizabeth D. Bates
Jonathan Todd Foster
Katherine Boyd
Reginald Sharpe
Terry Ann Wynn

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15801 W McNichols Rd.

Detroit, MI 48235

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Former clinic abortionist: Lewis H. Twigg, Jr. Ambulance Called After Botched 2nd-Trimester Abortion - Mar 23, 2013 Sinai Grace Hospital and Hutzel Hospital working with Summit Medical Center abortion clinic - abortionists Karoline Puder and Jacob Kalo are both affiliated with Hutzel Hospital (see Prenatal Care Services) Abortionist Who Killed Patient Sends Another to the Hospital in Detroit Former clinic abortionist: Alex Pickens, MD Disciplinary - Fine Imposed 2/1/2000; reprimand 2/1/2000. Criminal - probation 2/1/2000

Medication: Yes





2017 - Wynn registers as SUMMIT OF DETROIT PC

Abortionist Terry Ann Wynn registers herself as Summit of Detroit, PC. Wynn lists herself as president, secretary, treasurer, director, and shareholder. See pages 1-2.

2017-02-15 MI corporation filing for wynn obstetrics

Wynn Obstetrics and Gynecology corporation filing in Michigan. Filed by abortionist Terry Wynn, MD.

Disciplinary History

AG Summit Complaint 4_2016

Filed April 7, 2016: Complaint brought by state attorney general alleging illegal abortions and illegal ownership by man without medical license. Could shut down this facility.

Malpractice History

carr alexander complaint 2015

Malpractice suit filed Aug. 31, 2015 against abortionists Byrd-Carr, Sharpe, Pickens, and Summit Botched abortion with uterine perforation, bowel perforation, bladder injury requiring resection, etc. Patient experienced pain and altered lifestyle due to injuries.

Criminal History

AG Summit Complaint to Dissolve Summit - April 2016

Summit violated laws, including operating a medical facility without being owned by a physician, and not having physicians as shareholders in the corporation.

Documented Death or Injury

Michael A. Roth - License Discipline - Dec 17, 2012

The MI Board of Medicine issues Dr. Michael A. Roth a $2,000 fine for negligence, incompetence, and lack of good moral character, after he perforated a woman's uterus during an abortion procedure at Summit Medical Center.

Misc Documents

Northland Family Planning Clinic v. Cox - Complaint, March 2005

U.S. District Court, Eastern district of Michigan. Multiple abortionists and abortion clinics including Summit Medical Center sue the state of MI to block abortion regulations.


Clinic worker allegedly slamed the door on the hand of an abortion patient who complained about an incomplete abortion and was demanding a refund.

2003-03-17 Complaint -- Northland Family Planning & Levine et al v. Olszewski (MI)

Multiple abortion clinics and abortionist Marshall Levine sue the state of Michigan over abortion regulations. See page 1 and pages 3-5.