Womancare of Southfield

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28505 Southfield Rd.

Southfield, MI 48076

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Former clinic abortionist: Abraham "Alberto" Hodari Former clinic abortionist: Jacob Kalo Former clinic abortionist: Reginald Sharpe Former clinic abortionist: Theodore Roumell Michigan abortionist operating multiple clinics without proper licenses Disciplinary -hod-fine imposed 3/18/2008. Abortionists Reginald Sharp and Theodore Roumell no longer affiliated with this facility. Facility license suspended.  Abortions halted December 23, 2014.

Medication: No



Disciplinary History

Malpractice History


Bloody botched abortion: left baby's head inside women, hemorrhagic shock, uterus was so lacerated that it left patient unable to have children. 2010 case based on 2008 incident.

License Restrictions


Clinic license suspended

Documented Death or Injury

Oakland County Commission - Protecting Women's Health - Apr 22, 2004

The Oakland County Commission passes a resolution requesting the state to pass license standards for abortion clinics, after 15-year-old Tamiia Russell dies on Jan 8, 2004 from complications to an abortion at Womancare of Southfield, possibly due to the unsanitary conditions of the clinic. performed at WomanCare of Southfield an abortion facility in Lathrup Village

Misc Documents

Michigan - Abortion Clinic Abuses - Mar 2012

Illegal dumping of biohazard waste, patient records, and fetal remains. (see pages 5-7)


Roth's attorney says he is not doing abortions at his Southfield abortion clinic that had its license suspended for violations, but a call to that office on 12/22/2014 indicated that they were still scheduling abortions. They halted the practice only after news media exposure.

Women's Center of Southfield - Complaint Investigation - Nov 24, 2014

State inspectors found violations for four out of six complaints. Case in review involved patient who was transported to the hospital after a botched abortion. Abortionist lacerated the woman's uterus and left the fetus' head attached.

Women's Center of Southfield - Survey Letter - Aug 8, 2014

Letter of survey violations from July 24 inspection: Clinic is out of compliance with medical staff bylaws, handling and documentation for narcotics count, staff training, etc.

Women's Center of Southfield - Survey Letter - Jul 3, 2014

Letter of survey violations from June 17 inspection: Clinic had no receptionist on duty, no registered nurse on duty, left patient unattended, and an out-of-compliance narcotics log.

Women's Center of Southfield - Survey Letter - Oct 7, 2014

Letter of survey violations from September 30 inspection: Abortionist did not clean his hands before of after procedure, did not do vaginal prep, did not discuss procedure with patient or offer to show patient ultrasound; assistant contaminated medical supply cabinet with dirty gloves; clinic failed to maintain transfer log or emergency medical supplies; etc.