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Colleen P. McNicholas

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711 N Providence Rd.

Columbia, MO 65203

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Halted abortions Oct. 1, 2018, due to expired license and failed licensing inspection.

Abortions Cancelled at Columbia Planned Parenthood as Legal Battle Rages On, 10/3/2018.

Prior to Today’s Hearing, Bloody, Moldy Tubing Found on Filthy Abortion Machine at MO Planned Parenthood Facility, 10/1/2018

Licensed October 10, 2017. First day of abortions set for October 23, 2017 Completely closed. No medical or surgical abortions. Dec 2015.

Medication: No




Planned Parenthood Columbia clinic licensed to perform abortions

News article 10/10/2017 announcing new abortion facility license. Set to resume abortions 10/23/2017.

Disciplinary History

Comprehensive Health of PP v. Williams, et al -- 2019-01-11 Exhibits - 2013-2018 Inspection Reports - Deficiencies & Plan of Correction

2013-2018 Health Dept Inspections, with Deficiencies & Plan of Correction. Numerous health code violations and failures cited in Health Dept Inspections of Comprehensive Health Services PP (Columbia, MO), and Reproductive Health Center PP (St Louis, MO). See pages 2, 4, 12, & 47.

Misc Documents

Planned Parenthood v. Lyskowski

Filed Nov. 28, 2015: Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri sued to keep the MO department of health from revoking its abortion facility license even though it has no abortionist that can qualify for mandatory hospital privileges, a contingency to maintaining an abortion facility license in MO.

9-28-2018-Inspection Report for Columbia PP

Failed inspection. Suction abortion machine was rusty and mold was found in the plastic tubing. Staff said it was not a infection control issues. DHSS disagreed.

initial survey and follow up 08-28-2017

The facility didn't have a program for identifying and preventing infections and for maintaining a safe environment. Failure to properly use sterilizers. Failure to maintain autoclave log. Failure to maintain a record of sterilizer maintenance. Failure to have written processes for reprocessing and/or quarantine of instruments following positive biological indicators. Employees had to attend training.