Blue Mountain Clinic


Joey M. Banks

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610 N California St.

Missoula, MT 59802

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In November 1995, plaintiff and appellant Amy Blackburn filed an action in the Second Judicial District Court, Silver Bow County, against the named defendants to recover damages she alleges in connection with an abortion she underwent at the Blue Mountain Clinic in Missoula on January 20, 1990.

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Malpractice History

Blackburn v. Blue Mountain Women's Clinic, Supreme Court of Montana - arguments concluded Dec 11. 1997

Full text of court decision. Synopsis: In 1990, Amy Blackburn underwent an abortion at Blue Mountain Clinic because she had become pregnant by an HIV-positive male, and feared that her baby would be born HIV-positive. The clinic failed to inform her that the fetus could not be HIV-positive, because Blackburn herself was HIV-negative. Blackburn suffered long-term depression after the abortion. She sued the clinic for negligence after learning that they had failed to inform her that her baby could not have been born with HIV.