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Clarence Joseph Washington, III
Malana Keiko Moshesh
Melvin Lee Henderson

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1919 Gillespie St.

Fayetteville, NC 28306

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Former clinic abortionist: Elliot Roy Pack One Hour From Death: Abortion Patient Warns of Incompetence, Squalor at North Carolina Abortion Mill Abortionist, Clinic Under Investigation For Abortion Horror, Squalor Formerly Carolina Women's Medical Clinic

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Disciplinary History

Clarence Washington - License Suspension - Mar 13, 2012

The North Carolina Medical Board suspends Clarence Washington's medical license for unprofessional conduct in substandard care and using hormone pellets contrary to FDA approval.

Clarence Washington - License Restriction - Dec 21, 2010

The North Carolina Medical Board places Clarence Washington under numerous restrictions after two patients experience severe complications from abortion procedures.

Clarence Washington - Consent Order - Jul 31, 2000

The consent order allows Clarence Washington to hold a temporary medical license under certain conditions, after a year-long suspension following conviction of tax fraud and imprisonment.

Clarence Washington - Voluntary Dismissal - Dec 21, 2007

The North Carolina Medical Board dismisses charges against Dr. Washington for improper prescription of regulated substances after Washington presented evidence that the patients were under the care of another doctor who had previously issued the prescriptions

Clarence Washington - Notice of Charges - May 1, 2007

The medical board charges Clarence Washington with unprofessional conduct in prescribing drugs to 4 close family members and failing to maintain a proper written record of the treatment.

Clarence Washington - License Suspension - Aug 27, 1999

Dr. Washington's license was suspended after a US District Court found him of tax evasion and sentences him to twenty months imprisonment.

Misc Documents

Clinic, doctor sued in death, woman's family cites abortion

In July 1990, abortionist Clarence J. Washington III lacerated the cervix of patient Mary Ann Dancy in a botched abortion procedure. Dancy bled to death later that evening. Her family sued the abortionist and clinic.