A Woman's Choice - Raleigh


Jouko Kalervo Halme
Matthew L. Zerden

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3305 Drake Circle

Raleigh, NC 27607

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Nine Ambulances Rush to Abortion Facilities in Six States, 10/19/2017 Former clinic abortionist: Andrea Isaak, NP

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Deficiency Report 02162017

Failed inspection found an apparent incomplete abortion that required a second surgery, shoddy record keeping, and failure to note drugs administered during abortions.

Deficiency Report 05232017

Violations found including failure to properly sterilize surgical instruments.

Deficiency Report 05142015

Failed inspection on 5/14/2015 found 14 pages of violations.

Deficiency Report 01242013

Failed inspection found 24 pages of violations.

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