Abortion Contraception Clinic of NE -- (aka Abortionclinics.org - Bellevue)


Leroy H. Carhart (aka Leroy Harrison Carhart, Jr)
Shana Melody Miles

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1002 W Mission Ave.

Bellevue, NE 68005

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911 from 2005: Abortion Worker Withholds Critical Information About Dying Abortion Patient, 5/30/2018

Watch: 911 Records Show Carhart Abortion Patient Hemorrhaged Half Her Blood Volume, 5/29/2018

“Butcher of Bellevue” Strikes: 17-Week Abortion Gone Wrong At Carhart’s Nebraska Abortion Mill, 3/27/2017 Carhart Subpoenas Seek Records of Baby Parts Trafficking & Aborted Babies Born Alive New 911 Recording: Incomplete Abortion, Bleeding Hospitalizes Carhart Nebraska Patient What would a late-term abortionist say to med students? I found out. Carhart Worker to 911: “We had an issue with the procedure” 911: Moans, Screams Heard from Botched Abortion Victim at Carhart's Nebraska Clinic - March 31, 2012 Nebraska Attorney General Seeks License Revocation of Carhart's Only Nurse for Improperly Drugging Patients, Other Violations - May 22, 2013 The "Abortion Contraception Clinic" is also known as the "Bellevue Health Center."  See clinic license documents below. AbortionClinics.org has two sister clinics -- one in Bethesda, MD, and one in Bellevue, NE.

Medication: Yes





03-18-1997 - "Bellevue Health Center" - inactive trade name - Nebraska Secretary of State

Expired/inactive corporation registration for the state of Nebraska.

09-10-2010 - "Abortionclinics.org" - trade name - Nebraska Secretary of State

Corporation registration for the state of Nebraska.

AbortionClinics.org -- 2017 Maryland Surgical Abortion Facility license application

Maryland abortion clinic license application. Note physical "agency address" is in Bethesda, MD, while mailing address is in Bellevue, NE (site of sister clinic).

Disciplinary History

NE Attorney General - Creekmore Press Release - May 22, 2013

Attorney General Jon Bruning announces his intent to seek license revocation for abortion nurse Lindsey Creekmore, due to substandard care practices that endanger public health and safety.

Nebraska vs. Creekmore - Revocation Petition - May 22, 2013

Official state petition to revoke Lindsey Creekmore's license for failure to follow patient medication orders and improperly delegating patient care to unlicensed staff.

Documented Death or Injury

Bellevue Fire Department CAD Transcript

April 26, 2014: from medical emergency incident at Carhart's Bellevue, Nebraska abortion clinic

Bellevue Police Department CAD Transcript

April 26, 2014: from medical emergency incident at Carhart's Bellevue, Nebraska abortion clinic

Misc Documents

05-24-2018 -- Nebraska Attorney General letter: no complaints against Nebraska Carhart clinics

NE Atty General's office: no complaints found against Leroy Carhart abortion clinics in Nebraska.

05-08-2018 -- Butcher of Bellevue Strikes Again-- OperationRescue.org

Butcher of Bellevue Strikes Again, But This Time, Public Recording of the Abortion Emergency is Blank