Cherry Hill Women's Center

IMG_0610 Cherry Hill Ambulance Oct 5 2016


Adam L. Moises
David T. Broizman
Eric Kfir Yahav
Richard M. Lieblich

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502 Kings Hwy. N.

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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Former clinic abortionist: Meghan Louise Kane (Meghan Louis Schaefer) Former clinic abortionist: Karen Leigh Houck Former clinic abortionist: Taida J. Wolfe Watch: 911 Records Prove New Jersey Abortion Facility Hospitalized 2 Patients --, 9-14-2016 Clinic director: Elizabeth Barnes

Medication: Yes


IMG_0611 Cherry Hill Ambulance Oct 5 2016 Ambulance at CHWC - Botched Abortion July 27, 2016 Virtua EMS at CHWC - Botched Abortion July 27, 2016 CherryHillNJ Cherry Hill, NJ - Cherry Hill Women's Center



Malpractice History

Cherry Hill - Abortion Malpractice Settlement - 2003

Cherry Hill settles a lawsuit with "Sarah", a 22-year-old abortion patient who suffered significant post-traumatic stress from her abortion, performed when she was 17. The clinic failed to inform "Sarah" of the link between abortion and breast cancer before doing the procedure.

Documented Death or Injury

09122015-CAD Cherry Hill Womens Ctr

September 12, 2015: Patient transported to hospital with unknown injuries.

W_8641_Redacted_CAD_Report camden county

CAD from July 27, 2016 showing a medical emergency involving a Cherry Hill Women's Center patient who was hospitalized for bleeding.

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