Albuquerque Surgical Center - Planned Parenthood


Jennifer K. Phillips
Nicole J. Yonke
Richard E Adams
Shauna Jamison
Susan M. Diaz

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701 San Mateo Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

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Can women trust Planned Parenthood with their healthcare? Suit: Tubal Ligation Causes Injury Former clinic abortionist: Robert P. Kaminsky, MD (retired) Former clinic abortionist: Nancy D. Bryant (retired) Former clinic abortionist: Diana W. Koster Former clinic abortionist: Elizabeth S. Buchen        

Medication: Yes




2013 New Mexico Charitable Organization Registration -- PP of New Mexico

Document for Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, Inc, (aka Albuquerque Surgical Center PP.)

2009-2016 registration & financial docs -- New Mexico Attorney General's office

Documents for Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, Inc, (aka Albuquerque Surgical Center PP.)

Malpractice History

1996-01-19 Ortega v. PP of New Mexico - medical malpractice

Malpractice lawsuit filed against Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, aka Albuquerque Surgical Center Planned Parenthood.

Suit-Tubal Ligation Causes Injury

ABQ Journal, Dec. 15, 2012. Describes lawsuit filed by a patient against Planned Parenthood for perforating her bowel during a tubal ligation.

Griego vs. Adams, Jamison, PP - Sep 27, 2012

Anathea Griego files a malpractice suit after sustaining severe injuries from a botched tubal ligation procedure at Planned Parenthood, including bowel perforation. The surgery was unsuccessful and seven months later, Anathea was pregnant.

Misc Documents

2014 Form 990-EZ -- PP of Albuquerque Inc

Planned Parenthood of Albuquerque, Inc -- State: NM -- Details: Form 990-EZ; no net assets or revenue reported; only donations and dividends, etc.