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Jennifer K. Phillips
Kristina M. Tocce
Lily Bayat
Nicole J. Yonke
Susan M. Diaz

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701 San Mateo Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

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Can women trust Planned Parenthood with their healthcare? Suit: Tubal Ligation Causes Injury Former clinic abortionist: Robert P. Kaminsky, MD (retired) Former clinic abortionist: Nancy D. Bryant (retired) Former clinic abortionist: Diana W. Koster Former clinic abortionist: Elizabeth S. Buchen Former clinic abortionist: Shauna Jamison Former clinic abortionist: Richard E. Adams        

Medication: Yes




2013 New Mexico Charitable Organization Registration -- PP of New Mexico

Document for Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, Inc, (aka Albuquerque Surgical Center PP.)

2009-2016 registration & financial docs -- New Mexico Attorney General's office

Documents for Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, Inc, (aka Albuquerque Surgical Center PP.)

Malpractice History

Planned Parenthood sued in NM wrongful birth 2019 -- Coons v. PP of Albuquerque et al

Filed February 11, 2019. Woman from Idaho goes to PP in Albuquerque NM for medication abortion, which failed. She birthed her son and now wants PP to pay to raise him. NOTE: "Dr Han" who gave abortion pills to her is thought to be unlicensed in the state of NM. (See p. 2),

02-14-2019 Case Docket - malpractice -- Coons v. PP of Albuquerque

Case Docket. Bianca Coons sues Albuquerque PP for a failed medical abortion.

02-20-2019 Couple file lawsuit after failed abortion attempt -- Albuquerque Journal

Bianca Coons and her partner sue the Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque after a failed medical abortion. Planned Parenthood advised her that the failed abortion medication could cause birth defects. Her son was born a month early with jaundice and blood sugar issues. Bianca and her partner are seeking $755,000 in damages, as well as other claims.

1996-01-19 Ortega v. PP of New Mexico - medical malpractice

Malpractice lawsuit filed against Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, aka Albuquerque Surgical Center Planned Parenthood.

Suit-Tubal Ligation Causes Injury

ABQ Journal, Dec. 15, 2012. Describes lawsuit filed by a patient against Planned Parenthood for perforating her bowel during a tubal ligation.

Griego vs. Adams, Jamison, PP - Sep 27, 2012

Anathea Griego files a malpractice suit after sustaining severe injuries from a botched tubal ligation procedure at Planned Parenthood, including bowel perforation. The surgery was unsuccessful and seven months later, Anathea was pregnant.

Misc Documents

Planned Parenthood of New Mexico -- 2012 Form 990 -- Susan Diaz board member

2012 tax form for PP of New Mexico, listing Susan Diaz as board member. Note address locations at Albuquerque Surgical Center PP abortion clinic (New Mexico), and Stapleton PP abortion clinic (Denver, CO). See pages 1 & 7.

2014 Form 990-EZ -- PP of Albuquerque Inc

Planned Parenthood of Albuquerque, Inc -- State: NM -- Details: Form 990-EZ; no net assets or revenue reported; only donations and dividends, etc.