Southwestern Women's Options (aka Abortion Acceptance of New Mexico)


Carmen Landau
Curtis Wayne Boyd
Emily Rothman, DO
Shelley Sella

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522 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

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Former clinic abortionist: Susan Robinson Video Confession: UNM Official Confirms that Aborted Baby Brains Were Dissected by High School Students - Aug 23, 2016 New Docs Reveal Horrific Details of Botched 35-Week Abortion, Gross Negligence in NM Disciplinary Case Funeral home sends driver to abortion clinic to pick up "fetus" Ambulances transport two patients from nation's largest abortion clinic Eight new abortion tapes reveal casualties, callousness, and cover-up The Abortion Industry's New Low: Toilet Deliveries Injury-prone New Mexico abortion clinics operate in shadows of regulatory gaps New 911 call reveals continuing dangers at Albuquerque abortion clinics Three late-term abortionists under investigation for series of botched abortions 911 call reveals hemorrhaging following first-trimester abortion Series of 911 calls show late-term abortion clinic is danger to the public Abortion Capital, part 5: 'We think the process is safe. Nothing is perfect.' Man arrested after threatening to gun down pro-life activists at late-term abortion clinic Doctor disciplined for gross negligence in botched 35-week abortion What to Know about the Select Panel's Criminal Referral against UNM and Southwestern Women's Options Keisha Atkins died from a botched abortion here.  The clinic was sued, along with the University of New Mexico, UNM abortionist Shannon Carr, and other defendants.  See documents below.  

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Malpractice History

2016-11-30 Duran v. Boyd -- Complaint

Complaint filed Nov. 11, 2016. -- Patient Jessica Duran files suit against Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic and abortionists Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Carmen Landau. Details given in document.


Patient Jessica Duran sues clinic abortionists Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Carmen Landau. Case history and list of court documents. Original complaint filed 11-30-2016.

Abortion clinic sued over disclosure of fetal remains research

-- Albuquerque Journal, 12-05-2016. Patient Jessica Duran sues abortionist Curtis Boyd and the Southwestern Women's Options clinic for failing to disclose that her aborted baby would be used for experimentation by the University of New Mexico. See pages 1 & 3. Documented Death

2019-06-05 Order Granting Defendants' Motion for Protective Order -- Atkins v. Boyd et al

Court document in lawsuit over Keisha Marie Atkins, who died from a botched abortion at Curtis Boyd's Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic.

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Complaint

Complaint filed on behalf of the family of Keisha Atkins, who died from a botched 24-week abortion done at Southwestern Women's Options on 1/23/2017.

Wrongful death lawsuit targets Albuquerque abortion clinic KOB 4

Sept. 12, 2018 news report from concerning wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of Keisha Atkins, who died from botched 2nd trimester abortion done at Southwestern Women's Options in 2017.

Documented Death or Injury

2017-02-03 Albuquerque Fire Dept incident report -- Southwest Women's Options

Distress call from abortion clinic; patient Keisha Atkins died the following day after a botched abortion.

Special Report-Storm's Coming

Abortion Emergencies Spark Showdown with the New Mexico Medical Board

Autopsy Report Keisha Atkins

Keisha Atkins died on Feb. 4, 2017, as the result of a late-term abortion at Southwestern Women's Options. UNM, SWO's partner in the baby parts trade, did the autopsy and wrongly (in Operation Rescue's opinion) placed blame on her pregnancy instead of the abortion to cover up any culpability.

Misc Documents

06-19-2019 Attorney in wrongful death case says substandard late-term abortion center killed patient

Article on Keisha Atkins, who died after a botched abortion at Curtis Boyd's Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic.

SWWO Consent Form 2012

This abortion consent form shows SWWO buried consent in a wordy abortion consent document, leading to questions about whether women really understood their aborted baby remains would be used for "research."

SWO-Boyd Lab Deficiencies 2009

List of deficiencies and SWO's corrective plan for inaccurate lab results and lack of lab quality control oversight. This survey was for the SWO lab only and not for the surgical portion of the clinic where risky late-term abortions are done.

ABQ Journal-02032013-Late Term Abortion Debate Turns to ABQ

In depth report on the front page of the ABQ Journal discussing the 35-week botched abortion at Southwestern Women's Options.

Special Report-Abortion Capital

Five-part Exposé Detailing How Boyd & Co. Turned Albuquerque Into The Late-Term Abortion Capital of the World

ABQ Journal-02032013-Mom Came Here From NY For Procedure

Also an A-1 article that is a companion to "Late Term Abortion Debate Turns to ABQ. This tells more about the woman who was injured during a 35 week abortion at Southwestern Women's Options by abortionist Shelley Sella