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Former clinic abortionist: Maureen Elizabeth Paul Planned Parenthood lands patient in hospital in NYC - May 4, 2013 After 2 more deaths, Planned Parenthood alters method for abortion pill "I'm not someone who operates in the shadows" - Doctor flaunts Planned Parenthood abortion career

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Malpractice History

Burton vs. Flaxman - Jan 27, 2006

Andrea Burton sues several doctors and Beth Israel Medical Center, after sustaining severe injuries from an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Injuries include: uterine perforation, exploratory laparotomy, repair of a uterine perforation, infection, and a lumbosacral plexus neuropathy.

Richards vs. PP New York City - Complaint - Feb 2005

Anneicia Richards sues Dr. Gerald Zupnick and Planned Parenthood for failing to diagnose an ectopic or tubal pregnancy before performing an abortion on April 3, 2004, thereby causing her to sustain serious injuries.

Documented Death or Injury

Medical Emergency At Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility

March 29, 2017: Medical emergency at Planned Parenthood on Bleecker St. in New York

Misc Documents

Counter-Protesting at Abortion Clinics Is Actually Counterproductive -- Rewire.News - 03-07-2018

Synopsis: An abortion clinic "escort" complains about pro-abortion counter-protesters at her clinic. The abortion clinic escorts want the pro-choice demonstrators to leave because they are too disruptive, and scare away patients.

Dantzic, Sondra -- PP New York, Form 990 excerpt -- $208,946 total salary

Associate Medical Director Sondra Dantzic is paid $208,946 total salary on this tax form for PP New York.

2015 Form 990-EZ -- Voice for Choice PP of New York City Action Fund Inc

Voice for Choice Planned Parenthood of New York Action Fund -- State: NY -- Net Assets: $71,425 -- Gross Revenue: $107,660 -- Net Revenue: $19,596

2014 Form 990 -- PP of New York City Inc

Planned Parenthood of New York City Inc -- State: NY -- Net Assets: $106,469,096 -- Gross Revenue: $47,286,363 -- Net Revenue: $5,920,457 -- Key Worker 1: Sondra Dantzic (Assoc Medical Director)