Northeast Ohio Women's Center - Cuyahoga Falls


David M. Burkons
Jennifer M. Watson

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2127 State Road

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

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Ohio Pro-Life Group Demands Closure of Akron-Area Abortion Business for Persistent Egregious Violations, 11/13/2017. Former clinic abortionist: Sarah Smith-Lengen Former clinic abortionist: Mitchell William Reider Licensed for surgical abortions, 2015 License revoked, ordered to close - Aug. 1, 2014 (confirmed Jan. 30, 2014) Ohio abortionist with 41% of RU-486 complications seeks license for clinic closed by the State Ohio Health Dept. closes abortion clinic for health violations -- 4-24-2013

Special Report: Secret Ohio Department of Health Docs Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions, Countless Safety Violations and More

Confirmed closure by telephone - 4/26/2013, reopened by Dr. Burkons Previously located at: 215 E Waterloo Rd #16, Akron, OH 44319 Previously named: Capital Care Network Akron   New website here: Jennifer [Marie] Watson, MD, is listed on the clinic insurance form along with abortionist Dr. David Burkons, as part of the Patient Transfer Agreement between Akron General Medical Center and Northeast Ohio Women's Center abortion clinic. Watson also has an Ohio pharmacy license at the abortion clinic location.  See documents below.

Medication: Yes




Watson, Jennifer -- Pharmacy license at Northeast Ohio Women's Center - valid through 03-31-2018

Ohio pharmacy license for Jennifer M. Watson, MD, for practice location at Northeast Ohio Women's Center abortion clinic.

2016-10-07 Akron General Medical Center Patient Transfer Agreement -- David Burkons & Jennifer Watson

Transfer agreement between Northeast Ohio Women's Center abortion clinic and Akron General Medical Center, for the hospital to treat abortion clinic patients if necessary. Clinic insurance lists abortionist David Burkons, MD, and hospital doctor Jennifer Watson, MD, who works at Akron General Medical Center. See pages 1, 5-6, and 10-11.

Disciplinary History

Capital Care Cuyahoga - Adjudication Order - Apr 16, 2013

The Ohio Department of Health revokes Capital Care's license as an ambulatory surgical facility and orders them to close, after finding the clinic in severe violation of state code.

Insection Report 7-11-17

Another failed inspection with many repeat offenses cited in the 24 page inspection report that revealed deteriorating conditions and practices. 754 abortions done in 12 months prior to this inspection, with deficiencies potentially affecting all patients.

Inspection Report 11-29-16

During a failed inspection, the Dept. of Health cited Northeast Ohio Women's Center with 21 pages of violations, including infection control issues, failure to provide discharge instructions to patients, a "Quality Assurance" program that was a sham, one worker who had tested positive for TB, and more.

Capital Care Cuyahoga - Deficiency Report - Feb 14, 2013

The OH Dept of Health did a clinic inspection on Feb 14, 2013 and found 34 pages of violations, including: hiring untrained staff, using patients' blood for Rh lab control, failing to screen employees for tuberculosis, providing surgical services without proper licenses, failing to follow sanitary procedures, maintaining incomplete patient records.

License Restrictions

NE OH Women's Center - License Denial - Jul 30, 2014

The Ohio Dept of Health denied the clinic's license for failing to comply with state code.

Documented Death or Injury

2018 RU486 Complication Reports-NEOWC

4 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms. (Partial reporting for 2018.)

2017 RU486 Complication Reports-NEOWC

5 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms.

Misc Documents

11-10-17 ODH letter

Letter from Right to Life of Northeast Ohio to the Ohio Department of Health calling for the closure of the Northeast Ohio Women's Center based on repeated health and safety violations and more.

NE OH Women's Center - Deficiency Report - Feb 3, 2014

Survey Packet - [YXLN11 1] Non Confidential SYSTEM 08 04 2014 Inspection on February 3, 2014, related to application for licensure as an ambulatory surgical facility. Serious violations found.

neowc transfer agreement

Abortion business' transfer agreement contract with Summa Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals dated 1/7/2014.