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David M. Burkons
Justin Scott Lappen
Lisa Perriera
Mitchell William Reider
Mohammad Hassan Rezaee
Rebecca Lowenthal

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12000 Shaker Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44120

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WATCH: Ambulance called for injured patient at Preterm abortion facility where woman died in 2014 Pro-Life Groups to Gov. Kasich: Patient Death & 10 Injuries Make Ohio Abortion Facility Too Dangerous to Operate (Complaint) 911 at Cleveland Abortion Clinic: She’s 21.3 Weeks & Something Went Wrong During the Procedure Special Report: Secret Ohio Department of Health Docs Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions, Countless Safety Violations and More Ambulance Called to OH Abortion Facility where Woman Died from Botched Abortion One Year Ago NPR Ignores Facts about Ohio Abortion Patient Death While Siding with Those that Killed Her - Includes Important Documentation!! Pro-Life Leaders Call for Criminal Investigation into Cleveland Abortion Death in Light of New Evidence Videos reveal pattern of botched abortions at Cleveland clinic Buffett Foundation Tied to Cleveland Abortion Clinic Where Woman Died ABORTION DEATH: Patient dies March 21, 2014 Preterm Cleveland v. Voinovich, Court of Appeals of Ohio, 7-27-1993 Democrat State Rep receives Award from Abortion Group, presented by abortion clinic staffer Supposedly "non-profit" Preterm Cleveland makes a killing. Income of over 3.4 million, and assets of over 2.3 million. See their 990 reports here. Supposedly "non-profit" Preterm Foundation also has a large income, and assets of over 4.1 million dollars. See their 990 reports. How harvesting organs from a dead abortion patient thwarted justice Cleveland abortion facility that killed Lakisha Wilson hospitals another woman      

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Disciplinary History

Re-Licensure Survey Packet - [2Z6N12 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 06 07 2012

June 7, 2012: Deficiencies included failure to follow their own procedures during patient transfers to the hospital.

Re-Licensure Survey Packet - [2Z6N12 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 06 07 2012

June 7, 2012: Deficiencies included failure to follow their own procedures during patient transfers to the hospital.

Complaint-Preterm 052012

Complaint filed against Preterm abortionist after March 31, 2012 medical emergency landed woman in the hospital. Preterm had continued surgical abortions on a high-risk woman on the third floor of the clinic and when she suffered hemorrhage, she had to be carried down two flights of stairs.

Preterm Cleveland - 2016 debt case - filing docket

Filing docket with list of all court documents and filing dates. Note garnishment documents for Preterm Cleveland abortion clinic at top of list.

Re-Licensure Survey Packet - [7OD612 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 01 04 2013

January 4, 2013: Failure to properly train ultrasound techs or verify credentials.

Preterm Cleveland - 2016 debt case - list of parties & garnishment

Garnishment (forced debt payment) for Preterm Cleveland abortion clinic.

Documented Death or Injury

Preterm Complications-2-08312012-03062013

Two complications at Preterm in Aug. 2012 and March 2013.

Preterm complication 1

Abortion complications at Preterm documented during an inspection on March 21, 2012.

Preterm Complication 6-12-10

Abortion Complication. 29-y.o. bleeding during procedure. Transferred to hospital

Preterm Complication 09272013

Preterm Complication Sept. 27, 2013, abortionist Lappen did abortion on 18 y.o. at 21.5 weeks. Bleeding and DIC. Hospitalized.

Preterm Complication7-6-11

Preterm Complication. 43 y.o. D&E abortion patient. Lacerated cervix. Transported to hospital.

Preterm Complication 12-6-2013

Abortion complication: Dec. 6, 2013, 28 year old woman had 19.3 week abortion. Baby born intact. Suffered hemorrhage due to uterine atony. Hospitalized.

RU-486 Report - State Medical Board of Ohio

Medical Board of Ohio Event Report - 2011-2013: Medical records documenting botched RU-486 abortions in the state of Ohio, with description of complications for each patient. Complications include incomplete abortion, infection, severe bleeding, blood transfusion, remedial surgery, patient hospitalization, and other medical complications.

911 CAD Transcript - Preterm Cleveland - Mar 21, 2014

The 911 event chronology shows that the patient had experienced respiratory or cardiac arrest/death.

Wilson Preterm Record

Page from Lakisha Wilson's abortion record.

Wilson EMS Report

EMS report from March 21, 2014 indicating the malfunctioning elevator cause a delay in getting emergency care to Lakisha Wilson.

Preterm Cleveland OH - Injured Woman - Apr 13, 2013

Clinic escorts load injured woman into car after abortion at Preterm Clinic in Cleveland on April 13, 2013.

Misc Documents

Survey Packet - [XRGF11 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 04 05 2011

March 16, 2011: Inspection report and supporting documents indicating Preterm was in compliance.

Lakisha Wilson died because the elevator was broken

Timeline of events in Lakisha Wilson death. Wilson died after a botched abortion by Lisa Perriera at Preterm Cleveland abortion clinic.

Survey Packet - [R8KB11 A] Non Confidential SYSTEM 08 06 2014

Inspection on April 3, 2014 for complaints related to Lakisha Wilson's death showed no violations and complaints unsubstantiated despite notes in other files to the contrary.

preterm foundation application

Ohio Corp Filing App. (2011)

Preterm 2011 Annual Report

Announces its participation in the Ryan Residence Program in conjunction with University Hospital training new abortionists.

Cleveland Abortion Facility that Killed Lakisha Wilson Hospitals Another Woman

July 26, 2017 -- Preterm Cleveland abortion clinic sends another patient for emergency hospitalization.

Preterm Cleveland Annual Report 2010

Published July 2011. Abortionist Lisa Perriera and other clinic staff listed on page 5.

preterm foundation

Ohio Corp Filing.

Preterm Floor Plan

Shows 5 surgical procedure rooms all on the 3rd floor, accessible by gurney only via a cramped elevator (that frequently malfunctions).

Survey Packet - [WL7Z11 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 05 09 2013

Packet of policies, floor plan, transfer agreement, etc. sent from Preterm to the Ohio Dept. of Health April 18, 2013.

2017-10-11 Order - Planned Parenthood Cincinnati et al v. Deters et al

Preterm abortion clinic is a plaintiff in this lawsuit appeal.