Founder's Women's Health Center


David M. Burkons
Harley Myron Blank
Karl I. Schaeffer

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1243 E. Broad St.

Columbus, OH 43205

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Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2014 Biennial Corporation Report

Biennial Corporation filing for Founder's Women's Health Center abortion clinic, aka "Downtown Gynecologists." Shareholders/directors include Harley Blank, MD, Karl Schaeffer, MD, and Robert Chosy, MD.

Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2017 Ohio clinic license renewal

2017 clinic license renewal application -- Harley Blank, Medical Director

Malpractice History


Filed December 2, 2013: Malpractice suit alleging that patient had undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy and can never bear children again due to negligence of Abortionist Harley Blank and abortion clinic.

Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2013 Hinton v. Downtown Gynecologists & Harley Blank -- Complaint

Botched abortion patient Lacresha Hinton sues Downtown Gynecology (aka Founder's Women's Health Center) and abortionist Harley Blank. Blank performed a "fake" abortion on Ms. Hinton when she was actually pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. The patient suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and required emergency surgery to remove both fallopian tubes and parts of her ovaries. She was left permanently sterile as a result of the "fake" botched abortion. See pages 2-4.

Misc Documents


Letter dated 3/19/2012 informing Founders that it's facility license was about to expire.

Re-Licensure Survey Packet - 072012

July 12, 2012 Re-citation for failure to provide valid transfer agreement.

Request for Appropriate Transfer Agreement 07 31 2012

Letter dated May 21, 2012 noting that Founders must provide valid hospital transfer agreement in order to be licensed.

Signed Transfer Agreement

May 31, 2012, transfer agreement between Founders and Grant Medical Center.

Survey Packet - 06 15 2012

Inspection on March 14, 2012 noted first citation for lack of hospital transfer agreement, other violations

Survey Packet - [VIUF11 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 01 17 2014

April 30, 2013 inspection found 14 pages of deficiencies, including incomplete records, untrained staff, administration of drugs without order from Doctor, more