East Columbus Women's Center - Planned Parenthood Central Ohio


Abigail L. Lowther
Anne-Marie Sinay
Colin J. McCluney
Katherine L. Rivlin
Lisa Margaret Keder
Pablo Antonio Pons

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3255 E Main St

Columbus, OH 43213

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Press Release from Attorney General Mike Dewine, 12/11/2015, Ohio Planned Parenthood Investigation Reveals Fetal Remains Disposed of in Landfills

Medication: Yes




PP of Greater Ohio (Columbus, OH) -- Clinic pharmacy drug licenses, valid through 03-31-2019

List of Ohio pharmacy licenses for multiple Planned Parenthood clinics. See page 2.

Criminal History


Department of Health noting Planned Parenthood in violation for illegal aborted baby remains dumping. Remains "steam cooked" then dumped in a landfill.

Documented Death or Injury

July 20, 2018 -- Complications from Mifepristone (RU486) Abortions Skyrocket in Ohio - OperationRescue.org

Includes details on abortionists including Anne-Marie Sinay. See chart on last page of article.

East PP 1 Ab Comp 2011

ODH Inspection document showing one abortion complication that required additional surgery.

PP East Ab Comp List 2012

ODH document from inspection lists 18 abortion complications, mostly incomplete abortions, in 2012

East PP 2 Ab Comp 2011

ODH Document from inspection shows 2 abortion patients suffered abortion complications and required hospitalization.

RU-486 Report - State Medical Board of Ohio

Medical Board of Ohio Event Report - 2011-2013: Medical records documenting botched RU-486 abortions in the state of Ohio, with description of complications for each patient. Complications include incomplete abortion, infection, severe bleeding, blood transfusion, remedial surgery, patient hospitalization, and other medical complications.

Abortion Complication Reports - PP Central Ohio - 2012

Reports show four incidents of serious complications from medical abortions at the East Columbus Central Ohio Women's Center.

2017 RU486 Complication Reports-PP Columbus

27 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms.

2018 RU486 Complication Reports-PP Columbus

11 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms. (Incomplete reporting for 2018)

PP East Surgical Center Columbus - 12 Complications from Pill Abortions in 2016

Read 12 documented reports of complications, incomplete abortions, retained fetus, severe bleeding from abortion by pill at this location in 2016. After the 2-week follow-up, complications lasted from 2 hours to 21 days. In all but one case, a surgical D&C or suction aspiration abortion was required to finish, and one woman chose to continue her pregnancy alive.

Misc Documents

2017-07-27 Complaint against Planned Parenthood Ohio

Complaint listed on Ohio Attorney General's page.

2017-10-11 Order - Planned Parenthood Cincinnati et al v. Deters et al

Planned Parenthood Central Ohio is a plaintiff in this lawsuit appeal.

2014 Form 990 -- PP Affiliates of Ohio

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio -- State: OH -- Net Assets: $238,098 -- Gross Revenue: $628,548 -- Net Revenue: $146,615

2014 Form 990 -- Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio -- (Located at 206 E. State St., Columbus, OH 43215.) -- State: OH -- Net Assets: $22,982,738 -- Gross Revenue: $20,740,290 -- Net Revenue: $-333,004 -- Key Worker 1: Tim Kress (Medical Director) -- Key Worker 1 Compensation: $386,213 -- Key Worker 2: Catherine Romanos (Physician) -- Key Worker 2 Compensation: $169,077

External Document - 0530AS TRANSFER AGREEMENT 2013 04 11 2013

Transfer agreement with Grant Medical Center dated January 11, 2013. Agreements must be renewed yearly.

Survey Packet - [92S911 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 04 03 2013

Report of deficiencies discovered during Feb. 14, 2013, inspection.

Survey Packet - [SW4G11 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 04 05 2011

Inspection conducted on March 8, 2011. Violations discovered.

Survey Packet - [W0V711 2] Non Confidential SYSTEM 04 27 2012

Report from inspection conducted on March 15, 2012. Violations discovered.