Toledo Women's Center (Capital Care Network Toledo)

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1160 W. Sylvania Ave.

Toledo, OH 43612

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Temporarily stopped doing surgical abortions April 2018, due to court decision.  Re-licensed to perform surgical abortions in May 2018.  Formerly open as a medical abortion clinic.  Click here for details. Former clinic abortionist: Kathleen Glover Former clinic abortionist: David M. Burkons (still works at medical abortion clinic) Former clinic abortionist: Lucy Ann Nunnally (still works at medical abortion clinic) Toledo Abortion Biz Fined $40,000 For Mishandling Medical Emergency Amid OH Supreme Court Challenge of Hospital Transfer Agreement, 9/11/2017 Lies Exposed: Toledo Abortion Business Misrepresents True Emergency Practices in Court Documents, 9/7/2017 Three Years Later, A Tale of Two Cities: Ohio AG Appeals to State Supreme Court in Lengthy Abortion Transfer Agreement Case - Sep 15, 2016 Special Report: Secret Ohio Department of Health Docs Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions, Countless Safety Violations and More Health Officials Urged to Investigate Possible Abuse at Ohio Abortion Clinic after Abortionist Charged with Child Porn Crimes - Nov. 14, 2014 Toledo clinic ordered to close - Aug 1, 2014 Toledo's last clinic has license revoked - Jul 31, 2014 Abortion provider’s Mich. deal not local - June 17, 2014 Clinic still open 2 days a week pending state hearing - Oct 17, 2013 Last Abortion Clinic in Toledo Closes on Wednesday - Jul 29, 2013 Ohio group accuses UT of supporting abortions Ohio AG appeals to state supreme court in lengthy abortion transfer agreement case --, 9-15-2016 Closed by court order, April 25, 2018.  The Ohio Dept. of Health retroactively re-licensed the clinic to open as of May 8, 2018.  

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Toledo Capital Care - Adjudication Order - Jul 30, 2014

The Ohio Department of Health revokes the clinic's license for failing to obtain a written transfer agreement with a hospital, in violation of Ohio Administrative Code.

Disciplinary History

Capital Care VS the Ohio Dept, June 2015

Clerk of Courts Docket (Sixth District Appeals Court)


June 10, 2014: Court hearing officer recommends that Capital Care Network be closed since it is not in compliance with the law. ODH to make final decision.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Notice of Appeal - Aug 4, 2014

The abortion clinic files an appeal to challenge the "improper revocation" of their license.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Motion for Stay - Aug 6, 2014

The clinic requests an emergency stay of the license revocation to prevent "unusual hardship."

Capital Care v. Ohio - Clinic Owner Affidavit - Aug 8, 2014

Clinic owner, Terrie Hubbard, submits an affidavit claiming that women may seek "illegal, unsafe" abortions if her clinic closes.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Memo Contra - Aug 8, 2014

The state argues that the clinic's license was properly revoked in the interests of protecting public safety.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Opinion of Court - Aug 11, 2014

The court grants an emergency stay of the abortion clinic's license revocation.

Capital Care v. Ohio - CCN Brief - Sep 23, 2014

The clinic argues that its transfer agreement with a hospital 52 miles away is sufficient to meet the legal requirement for a "local" hospital.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Clinic Owner Affidavit - Oct 1, 2014

The clinic owner, Terrie Hubbard, submits an affidavit contesting the Ohio Dept of Health's definition of "local" hospital.

Capital Care v. Ohio - ODH Brief - Oct 23, 2014

The state argues that the clinic failed to secure a written agreement with a local hospital as required by law, and that a transfer agreement for a hospital 52 miles away is neither local, immediate, nor safe.

Capital Care v. Ohio - CCN Reply Brief - Nov 13, 2014

The abortion clinic claims the state's revocation is not supported by evidence; and further, that the legal requirement for a transfer agreement is unconstitutional.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Supplemental Authority - Jun 18, 2015

The state submitted a decision from another Ohio court, upholding the state revocation of an abortion clinic's license, based on the exact same statute.

Capital Care v. Ohio - Opinion and Judgment Entry - Jun 19, 2015

The court ruled in favor of the abortion clinic. The judge found the state's definition of "local" to be reasonable, but ruled that the statute was "unconstitutional."

Capital Care v. Ohio - Notice of Appeal - Jul 10, 2015

The state appeals the ruling from the Court of Common Pleas.

Capital Care v. Ohio - ODH Brief - Aug 12, 2015

The state files a 70-page appeal, maintaining that the revocation of the abortion clinic's license was in accordance with the law. The state maintains the licensing statute is constitutional, and that the clinic's transfer agreement fails to meet the licensing standard.

License Restrictions

Emergency Stay - 08-11-2014

The court issues an emergency stay of the clinic's license revocation.

Adjudication Order - 07-29-2014

The Department of Health issues a final order revoking the clinic's license.

Recommendation for License Revocation - 06-12-2014

The hearing officer reviews the statement of the case and recommends license revocation.

Proposed License Revocation w Deficiency Report - 08-02-2013

The state cites the clinic for failure to obtain a transfer agreement with a local hospital, as required by statute for licensure.

Notice of Proposed Penalty and Revocation - 08-10-2012

The Director of Health notifies the clinic that the department intends to issue a $25,000.00 civil penalty and license revocation for violation of Ohio Administrative Code.

Documented Death or Injury

2018 RU486 Complication Reports-CCN Toledo

5 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms. (Incomplete reporting for 2018.)

2017 RU486 Complication Reports-CCN Toledo

2 RU486 abortion complications reported in Ohio on these forms.

ODH Ltr proposed civil penalty & poc 8-21-17

Letter and Inspection Report: Ohio Department of Health is seeking to fine Capital Care Network in Toledo, $40,000 for mishandling a botched abortion (suspected uterine and bowel perforation). Patient was transported in private vehicle without medical records, and dropped at the Toledo Hospital ER on April 1, 2017.

Misc Documents

State Reply Brief to OH Supreme Court

Ohio reply brief to OH Supreme Court defending the safety requirement that outpatient medical facilities maintain transfer agreements with nearby hospitals for patient safety purposes. Capital Care Network in Toledo cannot comply with this requirement. Oral arguments set for September 12, 2017.

Capital Care Network OH Supreme Court Brief

Brief submitted to Ohio Supreme Court arguing that CCN should not have to comply with state hospital transfer agreement requirements. Oral arguments set for September 12, 2017.

6-6-13 capital care network toledo inspection many deficiencies

Lacking proper disease and infection control, incomplete medical records and charts, unsanitary and unsafe conditions which affected all 654 patients in the past year, hazardous materials improperly handled, surgical instruments not sterile, medical staff incompetence, no RN present trained in life support in case of emergency during IV or recovery, medications accessible and unsecured.

UNIV OF MI transfer agreement with TOLEDO WOMENS CENTER(1)

2013 transfer agreement between the abortion facility and an Ann Arbor, Michigan, hospital, which was rejected by the Ohio Department of Health. Litigation ensued.

Notice of Proposed License Revocation - 08-02-2013

The Department of Health informs the clinic owner that they propose to revoke the clinic's license.

Department of Commerce Reinspection - 05-03-2012

Inspectors find safety violations at the clinic, including a bullet hole in the recovery room exit door, thus rendering the door inoperable.

Re-Licensure Survey - 07-27-2011

The state survey found the clinic deficient in nurse staffing and training requirements.

Statement of Deficiencies - 04-14-2011

State inspectors found numerous deficiencies, including lack of infection control policies, unsanitary conditions, and no registered nurse attending the recovery room.

May 16, 2018 -- Toledo abortion clinic granted new license -- The Blade

As of May 8, 2018, Capital Care Network abortion clinic in Toledo, OH, is retroactively licensed to re-open for surgical abortions.