Lovejoy Surgicenter


Alison B. Edelman
John Gilbert Buckmaster
Lisa L. Bayer
Nora J. Doty
Solange M. Wyatt

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933 NW 25th St.

Portland, OR 97210

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Former clinic abortionist: Richard B. Kearl Teen Rushed to Hospital After Portland Late-Term Abortion Center Loses Power, 10/24/2016 Whistleblower Sues Alleging Sexual Assault, Patient Molestations at Oregon Abortion Clinic Abortion Nurse that Molested Patients Ordered to Stop Practicing Suit Says Abortion Nurse Fondled Patients, and Drew a Bird on One as She Slept Former abortionist: Jessica Reid

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Malpractice History

2011-01-27 Snyder v. Lovejoy Surgicenter & Solange Wyatt

Patient Kayla Snyder sues Lovejoy Surgicenter abortion clinic and abortionist Solange Wyatt for medical negligence, battery, and lack of informed consent. Clinic and Wyatt are both fined $627, and case is dismissed. See page 14.

License Restrictions

Evett Gradwohl - Interim Order - Nov 5, 2012

The OR State Board of Nursing orders that Evett Gradwohl be prohibited from practicing as a registered nurse in any capacity pending final decision of disciplinary action regarding Gradwohl's sexual molestation of patients.

Misc Documents


Filed Oct. 23, 2012. Alleges sexual molestation of patients, sexual harassment of staff, unlicensed worker overseeing surgery, and more. Suit filed by former clinic worker.

Former worker sues clinic on sexual harassment charges - Nov 1, 2012

A former Lovejoy employee sues the clinic after reporting her supervisor's sexual harassment from her supervisor and inappropriate touching of patients without any follow-up from the clinic manager.

Suit Says Abortion Nurse Fondled Patients, and Drew a Bird on One as She Slept

News report from the Willamette Week, Oct. 30, 2012

Lovejoy Surgicenter -- 1965-2017 Oregon corporate filings

List of all corporate document filings for Lovejoy Surgicenter from 1965-2017.

Lovejoy Surgicenter --Yelp reviews for Dr. Wyatt, and Dr. Edelman

Yelp reviews for abortion clinic Lovejoy Surgicenter, mentioning Dr. Wyatt, and Dr. Edelman. See page 2.