Hillcrest Women's Medical Center


Delhi Thweatt

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2709 N. Front Street

Harrisburg, PA 17110

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911 called to help seriously bleeding abortion patient at Pennsylvania abortion facility PA abortion clinic closed -- WeAreCentralPA.com, 6-7-2017 Abortion clinic closes that was cited by state for 44 pages of health code violations -- LifeNews.com, 6-7-2017  

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Disciplinary History

Health Inspection 03312017

44 pages of violations, including drug violations, expired supplies, lack of nurse to assist recovery patients, failure to perform background checks on employees, etc.

Documented Death or Injury

June 17 2016 - 911 Emergency CAD report

30-year-old woman bleeding seriously, vaginal hemorrhaging/lacerations, needed emergency transport to hospital.

Misc Documents

hillcrest google reviews - april 19 2016

Seven patients review the clinic, saying: "Rude," "Dirty," "Traumatizing," "Awful," "I would never go back," and "Like an animal clinic."

Health Inspection 05132015

Inspection was prompted by a complaint. Found in compliance.

Another abortion clinic to be terminated in Gosnell's state_

OneNewsNow.com article published May 17, 2017, re March 31, 2017 failed inspection report.

PA abortion clinic closed

-- WeAreCentralPA.com, 6-7-2017

Health Inspection 03142016

March 14, 2016, Annual Registration Survey found facility in compliance.

Hillcrest Women's Medical Center Inspection Report

PA Health Dept. Inspection - Dec. 6, 2010

Hillcrest Women's Medical Center - Health Inspection - 4-27-11

PA Health Dept. Inspection, April 27, 2011 - Report found clinic "failed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment." Findings include: no emergency patient resuscitation equipment, failure to check for incomplete abortion or ectopic pregnancy, uncovered biohazard waste bags, and expired and rusty "sterilized" equipment

Hillcrest Women's Medical Center - Health Inspection - 3-14-2012

PA Health Dept. Inspection, March 14, 2012 - Findings include: injection needles expired in Sept. 2009, catheters expired in April 1998, "sterile" water expired in March 2008