Far Northeast Health Center-Planned Parenthood


Charles David Benjamin

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2751 Comly Rd.

Philadelphia, PA 19154

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Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinics caught storing aborted babies in bags in janitor's closet

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Disciplinary History

DOH Deficiency Report

September 2014

Misc Documents

Far Northeast PP Inspection Failed - Fetal Remains Stored in Closet - Aug 13 2015

Observation on August 13, 2015, at 1:20 PM, with EMP1, revealed an environmental services closet containing one biohazard container (box), dated August 12, 2015. Interview on August 13, 2015, at 1:20 PM, with EMP1, revealed that the facility did not have a freezer or a refrigerator to store human pathological waste.

Far Northeast PP Inspection Pt 2 Aug 19 2015 - ZJT91126725249800L

Inspectors found improper storage of “products of conception,” or aborted babies’ remains, according to the reports. The Far Northeast abortion facility was storing unfrozen remains in a janitor’s closet.

Far Northeast PP Inspection Pt 1 Aug 19 2015 - ZJT91126725249800L

Inspectors found “dark stains” and improperly sanitized equipment. Inspectors found wet stains on wraps and pouches that were supposed to be sterilized, according to the reports. They also found that the sterile packaging had been removed from unused syringes and needles, and cleaning brushes were not being regularly sterilized.

2009-2010 Liability Insurance -- "Locum Tenens" abortionist list

Liability insurance document for multiple abortion clinics. Includes "Locum Tenens" list of abortion doctors insured at various clinics. Clinic locations include: Hartford Gyn Center (CT), Cherry Hill Women's Center (NJ), Atlanta Women's Medical Center (GA), Philadelphia Women's Center (now located at 777 Appletree St, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA), and Far Northeast Center Planned Parenthood (2751 Comly Rd, Philadelphia, PA). See clinic names on pages 1-2. See abortionist list and clinic addresses on page 2.