Northpark Medical Group (affiliated with Aaron's Women's Clinic)


Dezra White
Douglas Alan Karpen
Robert E. Hanson, Jr.

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8363 Meadow Rd.

Dallas, TX 75231

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Other info

Former abortionist: Opta Lea Braun Affiliated with Aaron's Women's Clinic in Houston, TX - Website boasts that Houston clinic is a "late-term abortion specialist" Reopened for business on March 9, 2017, in response to Hellerstedt Supreme Court Decision. Reopened after court blocked HB2, then closed again. Closed due to new Texas law!!

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

TX Abortion Clinics - Violations and Enforcement Actions

Northpark Medical Group is fined two years in a row for repeated healthcare violations: once for $4,000 in May 2003 and the second time for $1,475 in August 2004.