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Ambulance Transports Woman with Breathing Difficulties from Unsanitary Abortion Center, 1/17/2017 Former clinic abortionist: Mary Elizabeth Wilcox Smith 16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections - Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016 Ambulance Transports Patient From Texas Abortion Facility as Supreme Court Readies to Hear Pivotal Abortion Safety Case Clinic manager: Jenni Beaver

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2008-11-19 Southwestern Women's Surgery Center, business registration

TX corporation registration for Southwestern Women's Surgery Center. Abortionist Curtis W. Boyd is the registered agent.

Disciplinary History

Southwestern Women's Surgery Center -- Texas Enforcement Actions -- $500 penalty

Sept. 8, 2015: Southwestern Women's Surgery Center abortion clinic is fined $500 by the Texas Dept of State Health Services.

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Misc Documents

Southwestern Women's Dallas Inspection Nov 24 2015

Inspection report found numerous violations and deficiencies including: **Physician credential file was not complete nor updated nor with evidence of check for criminal charges **Certified Nurse Anesthesiologist credential file was not complete nor updated nor with evidence of check for criminal charges **mandatory follow-up visits after the abortion drug were not being required (patient missed) **inadequate orientation and training for the sterilization staff **no documentation of a physician's physical examination of the patients **failure to ensure safe and sanitary environment for surgical patients **failure to monitor patient medication refrigerator temperature, and allowing it to freeze frequently **recovery room door lacking barrier, allowing dust to contaminate the linens **biohazard room full floor-to-ceiling with soiled linen bags and biohazard boxes **refrigerator with products of conception (fetal remains) not accessible behind soiled linen bags and biohazard boxes **soiled linen bags on floor of recovery patient bay area, biohazard closet too full to hold any more bags **sterile instrument drawer was so full that when opened, the top package (a vaginal speculum) had a hole in the packaging (no longer sterile) **syringes stored under handwashing sink, water drips onto them **sterilizing and disinfectant liquids opened, not dated, uncovered, and containers faded and discolored **critical patient care supplies stored near the floor where dust can contaminate **floor of storage area covered in trash, dirt, dust **cart with clean linen was covered in dust and dirt particles **oxygen tank holder and oxygen tanks improperly stored, dirty wheel lying on open paper towels **surgical personnel failed to wear proper operating room attire, no type of head covers in the surgical area **failure to monitor and record temperature and humidity where sterile instruments are stored, posing fire hazard and microbial growth risk **failure to maintain sterility of instruments, not properly sterilized or stored **peel packages cut and taped together to hold longer instruments, compromising integrity of packaging **autoclave runs not documented for sterilization of instruments or contents or load **moisture in peel packages causes infection control issue **failure to maintain performance records for manual vacuum aspiration syringe abortion procedures, including number of times it was used (before changing to a new one for other patients) **failure to have safety check on new suction machine before using it in the operating room on patients (seeing nearly 50 cases a day, without a safety check) **more

Guh, Jessica -- Board Certified in Family Medicine - not Ob-Gyn

Abortionist Jessica Guh is allegedly not certified as an ob-gyn. She is a Family Medicine doctor.

2017-10-23 non-party Jane Doe, MD - motion to quash deposition subpoena - Hawaii document 1 -- Whole Women's Health et al v. Paxton et al

Southwestern Women's Surgery Center is a plaintiff in this lawsuit. Hawaii doctor "Jane Doe, MD" receives a subpoena to testify in a Texas lawsuit about abortion regulation. The anonymous "Dr. Doe" refuses to testify, and she files a motion to quash the deposition subpoena.

2017 non-party Jane Doe, MD - Hawaii document 25 -- order granting Jane Doe, MD's motion to quash deposition subpoena -- Whole Women's Health et al v. Paxton et al

Southwestern Women's Surgery Center is a plaintiff in this lawsuit. Anonymous Hawaii doctor "Jane Doe, MD" was subpoenaed to testify in a Texas abortion case. She refused, and filed a motion to "quash" the subpoena. The U.S District Court of Hawaii grants her request, and allows her not to testify.

01-21-2016 -- Texas Attorney General ruling regarding Planned Parenthood

Letter from Texas Attorney General's office regarding public records request for Planned Parenthood.

05-25-2018 -- Texas Attorney General response regarding Planned Parenthood documents

Email from Texas Assistant Attorney General regarding a records request for Southwestern Women's Surgery Center. Email reads in part, "The OAG is, however, conducting a civil investigation against multiple defendants, including Southwestern Women's Surgery Center. Information pertaining to this investigation has been the subject of a prior request for information. In response, the OAG sought and received a ruling from the Open Records Division allowing us to withhold information relating to this investigation."