Southwest Fort Worth Health Center - Planned Parenthood


George "Sealy" Massingill
Scott Spear

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6464 John Ryan Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76132

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16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections - Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016   Former clinic abortionist: Thomas Franklin Britton Darrel Lynn Jordan was former Medical Director before his retirement in 4/2017. New location. Formerly called "Henderson Clinic," located 301 S. Henderson St., Ste A, Fort Worth, TX 76104, 817-882-1175. Texas License #130148

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PPST Subpoena

TX HHS subpoena for records where baby parts were used or donated or sold for research.

PP Fort Worth Inspection Jan 20 2016

Inspection report which shows numerous violations and deficiencies including: ** failure to adequately orient and train personnel **3 of 3 registered nurses who provide conscious sedation did not have orientation or training for administration of conscious sedation **failure to report if a physical exam of patients was performed by a physician **no surveillance performed to minimize sources and transmission of infections **failure to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for surgical patients **expired laminaria **3 suction machines (1 in each operating room) without documentation of any preventative maintenance checks **crash cart emergency supplies were expired **no oxygen tank available for patients in an emergency **sterile patient supplies were stored next to cardboard shipping boxes, a handheld feather duster, and biohazard waste box, compromising sterility and causing the likelihood of contamination and infection **trash and dust particles on the floor **electrical outlet with no cover and exposed wires next to the washing machine **wall with plaster missing **3 automatic vital sign equipment not labeled clean or dirty **patient supplies covered with dust particles **pharmacy area metal carts covered with dust **no oxygen tank in recovery room **sterile instruments not sealed correctly, allowing contamination and microbial growth **failure to maintain performance records for autoclave machine **failure to know Hepatitis B status for 4 personnel, causing potential risk of exposing patients to HepB **surgical personnel not wearing head covers **surgical peel packages not sealed correctly in all operating rooms **failure to examine fire extinguishers in case of emergency **more