Houston Women's Clinic, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld


Bernard Lloyd Rosenfeld

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4820 San Jacinto St.

Houston, TX 77004

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16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections -- Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016

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Disciplinary History

2017 TEXAS ABORTION CLINICS FINED -- Texas Dept of State Health Services

Fine for Houston Women's Clinic: $20,300 on 03-30-2017; Fine for Reproductive Services (El Paso): $1,165 on 08-24-2017.

2016-2017 Texas Health Dept Enforcement Actions - Abortion Facilities

Houston Women's Clinic (Houston, TX) - $20,300 fine on 03-30-2017 -- Reproductive Services (El Paso, TX) - $1,165 fine on 08-24-2017

Houston Women's Clinic -- 2018-03-06 Texas Health Dept Inspection

Statement of deficiencies & plan of correction.

Misc Documents

Houston Women's Clinic Inspection Report and Complaint Investigation Sept 23 2015

Inspection report and complaint investigation reveals numerous violations and deficiencies, including: failure to ensure current documented competency and training for 2 of 2 staff responsible for sterilization of surgical instruments, improper disinfection and sterilization techniques, failure to ensure a safe and sanitary environment to protect the health of the patient, failure to store and administer medication in a safe manner, rips and tears in upholstery on all 3 of 3 exam tables in 3 of 3 procedure rooms, infection control problems with sticky tape on 3 of 3 exam tables, patient supplies stored in boxes on the floor with contamination risk, large amount of dirt and dust on bottom and top of ultrasound machine, cabinet shelf with rings of dirt and large amount of gray/black dirt and grime, patient's medications stored in staff breakroom unlocked and accessible, pre-poured and unlabeled medications, failure to enforce infection control policies to minimize risk of infection transmission for HIV, HepB, HepC, TB, and Strep, multi-dose medication vials not dated when opened, staff failed to wash/sanitize hands after removing contaminated gloves, handling products of conception without one hand of her gloves, exiting dirty room without washing or sanitizing contaminated hands, using contaminated cart in the clean supply room without sanitizing it first, clean supplies of syringes and sanitary pads etc being stored on open shelves above dirty sink where blood and blood products are discarded, failure to log biological indicator tests required to verify whether autoclave is properly functioning or sterilizing instruments, failure to log sterilization results for 8 months, failure to change disinfectant every 14 days (last documented change was 7.5 months prior), failure to maintain autoclaves, 2 of 2 RNs administering sedation without documentation of demonstrated competency/training, and more.