Suburban Women's Medical Center


Adebayo Jerry Adesomo

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17070 Red Oak # 509

Houston, TX 77090

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16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections -- Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016 Former clinic abortionist: Dr. Robert P. Kaminsky (retired)

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Suburban Women's Medical Center -- 2018-01-09 Texas Health Dept Inspection

Jan 9, 2018: Texas Health Dept Inspection -- statement of deficiencies & plan of correction.

Misc Documents

Suburban Women's Houston Inspection Report Oct 6 2015

Inspection report shows numerous violations and deficiencies, including: failure to document that at least one RN and two other medical staff attend quality assurance meetings, failure to monitor infection control practices in the facility, failure to monitor medication management practices, medications stored unlocked, single-use medication improperly used on multiple patients, staff cout not operate emergency equipment, oxygen tank was leaking oxygen, staff unable to operate suction machine, suction machine tubing expired in 2009, facility failed to test and vaccinate 3 of 3 staff for HepB and TB, failure to provide infection control training on 3 of 3 staff, failure to maintain a sanitary environment, over 219 items including injection needles and blood collection sets and scalp vein sets and sutures expired between 2-12 years ago, refrigerator had stagnant black water accumulation pool, hormonal birth-control ring stored on shelf above pooled water, ultrasound gel expired, more injection needles expired, IV fluids and blood collection sets and pap tests and vitro diagnostics expired 1-9 years ago, swabs and culture transfer kits expired 1-3 years ago, suture packets expired 18-20 years ago, needles expired 7-10 years ago, emergency medical kit expired supplies, ultrasound exam room cluttered w broken lamp and covered in dust, 2 broken ultrasound machines, oxygen tank covered in dust, rolling cart with contaminated outside shipping boxes, exam rooms 2 and 3 had patient blue pads stored on the floor, syringes filled with liquid and not labeled with contents or date or time or filler, suction machine for abortion procedures was discolored and covered in rust, handmade tongue blade in exam room wrapped in silk tape that was yellow and coming undone, open and unwrapped and unlabeled instruments were in the sterilization area, not working equipment in ultrasound room, 3 ultrasound machines covered in dust and 2 not working, 1 ultrasound machine vaginal probe was cracked and a black substance was on the tip, no fire extinguisher mounted on the wall and available for emergency use, staff did not know how to use a fire extinguisher, medical director did not know he needed to test for HepB and TB or have infection control policy or training, failure to maintain sterilized equipment or instruments in sealed packages including the speculum and curette and forceps and other instruments, failure to label peel packs and wrapped instruments with date and number, instruments in peel packs were stained with water and crushed/punctured and not sterile, failure to test for bacterial growth and sterilization failure, no biological log in the clinic, medical director did not understand biological testing or sterilization protocol, redacted violation that was too embarrassing or personal to release to the public, and more.