Virginia Women's Wellness


Craig Stephen Cropp

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224 Groveland Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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Pro-Life Action League asks Virginia to shut down embattled abortionist’s facility Virginia Excuses Troubled Brigham Abortion Mill, 6 Others from Meeting Safety Laws Special Report: Why Virginia’s Appallingly Substandard Abortion Facilities Must Not Be Excepted from the Law Former clinic abortionist: Cenon C. Abesa  

Medication: Yes




Virginia Womens Wellness vaiance request letter 3-14-14

Request for variance that would exclude them from having to comply with facility requirements for abortion facility licensing. Requesting variance through April 30, 2024.


Exemption from compliance with minimum facility safety standards until April 30, 2015.

Disciplinary History


March 19, 2014: Inspection report lists 49 pages of serious health and safety deficiencies at the facility owned by the notorious Steven Chase Brigham.

Misc Documents

virginia womens wellness 7-22-15

inspection from complaint


April 2, 2014: Inspection conducted due to a complaint of water damage from the fire alarm system. Complaint unsubstantiated.

Virginia Womens Wellness - Initial LIC POC #1 06-11-2012

Deficiencies and Plan of Correction, 2012

virginia womens wellness 6-10-15

inspection from complaint