Birmingham Center-Planned Parenthood of Alabama


Aquadon Emmanuel Umoren
Hedwige "Didi" Saint Louis
John Gibson Curington
Sarah Dilley
Sarah B. Miller
Yashica L. Robinson White

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1211 27th Place S.

Birmingham, AL 35205

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Other info

THIS FACILITY IS STILL OPEN BUT NOT CURRENTLY DOING ABORTIONS (SINCE SEPTEMBER, 2017) Resumed surgical abortions in 2016. Court documents reveal PP clinic closed due to illegal drug transactions in the parking lot - 5/16/2014 Former clinic abortionist: Aquadon E. Umoren Reopened for surgical in 2015, but has halted them again as of August, 2015, doing medication only. Temporarily suspended all services 01/15/2014. Began performing medical abortions again 10/17/14.

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Consent Agreement-Probation Order

Planned Parenthood in Birmingham was placed on probation for 1 year for failing to comply with child sex abuse reporting and parental consent laws.

Complaint - PP Birmingham - Sep 19, 2012

Planned Parenthood faces complaints over incompetent abortion services.

planned parenthood birmingham 9-23-16

Failure to wash hands between patients and sterilize surgical instruments among 15 pages of violations.

Documented Death or Injury

Clark v. PP, Umoren

Suit from patient suffered an abortion but actually had an undiagnosed tubal pregnancy. Failure to diagnose was the result of gross incompetence on several levels. Woman suffered ruptured fallopian tube, emergency surgery, and is now infertile.

Misc Documents

ADPH Compliance Statement

November 11, 2010

ADPH Deficiency Statement

Oct. 15, 2009: Includes failure to comply with child sex abuse reporting laws and committing abortions on minors without parental consent.

FOIA Request - PP Birmingham - Sep 19, 2012

The Life Legal Defense Foundation issues a FOIA request of several documents relating to deficiencies, corrective measures, and abortion services.


many violations and deficiencies through the years

planned parenthood of alabama, inc - birmingham inspection 01-09-2013

Inspection prompted by a patient complaint. Complaint substantiated. Exam table not in good repair, cracked vinyl and other problems, no infection control, recovery room chairs not right, complaint information missing from discharge instructions, exam room and recovery room not separate, emergency evacuation plan not correct.

planned parenthood of alabama, inc - birmingham inspection 03-04-2014

Result of complaint. Complaint substantiated. Serious problems: 20 pages of deficiencies related to shoddy practices.

planned parenthood of alabama, inc - birmingham inspection 08-20-2014

Deficiency report - expired surgical curettes.

Birmingham Center PP -- 2018-05-16 Alabama Health Dept inspection survey

No deficiencies found; last documented abortion performed in Sept 2017.