University of North Carolina - Women's Options Center


Amy Bryant
Antoinette Nguyen
Anuja Singh
Gretchen S. Stuart
Jennifer Tang
Jessica E. Morse
Jonas J. Swartz

Phone Number

919-843-5633 or 984-974-1592


101 Manning Drive, first floor

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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Other info

Former clinic abortionist: David A. Grimes Former clinic abortionist: Erika Levi UNC Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology - Women's Options Center abortion clinic THIS CLINIC IS OPEN AND PERFORMS ABORTIONS.  However, hospital-based abortion clinics are listed as "inactive/closed" on AbortionDocs, because they are not included in the freestanding abortion clinic count. Other phones: 984-974-8976 / 984-974-1592  

Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

UNC Hospitals website -- address for abortion clinic

Note the UNC Women's Options Center abortion clinic is located at the same address as the N.C. Women's Hospital.

UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn - Fellowship in Family Planning -- abortion training, no childbirth training (obstetrics) allowed

Details on abortion training for Family Planning Fellowship residents. The university refuses to allow Family Planning residents to practice obstetrics (deliver babies & provide pregnancy care).

UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn -- For Our Patients - link to UNC abortion clinic

Note link to UNC Family Planning Procedures abortion clinic.

Our Team - UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn -- Family Planning

Faculty list in the Family Planning (abortion) Dept at UNC.

Jes Morse joins UNC Family Planning - UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn

Abortionist Jessica Morse joins the UNC Family Planning faculty. Morse completed her Family Planning Fellowship (abortion-training program), and directed the abortion-training Ryan Program at Duke University.

Family Planning Procedures Clinic - UNC - abortions

Details on abortions at the UNC abortion clinic.

Family Planning -- UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn

Family Planning (abortion-training department) at UNC.

UNC Dept of Ob-Gyn -- UNC Family Planning Fellow Dr Jonas Swartz wins 2017 Pitkin Award

UNC abortion-training "Family Planning Fellow" Jonas Swartz wins an award.