Eastland Women's Clinic


Angel A Ojeda
Martin Ruddock

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15921 E 8 Mile Road, Ste 1

Eastpointe, MI 48021-2993

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911: MI Woman Suffers Possible Life-Threatening Uterine Perforation at Troubled Abortion Biz

911: EMS Respond to Back Alley for Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient - August 22, 2016 Former clinic abortionist: Katherine Boyd Abortion services up to 24 weeks (up from previous limit of 18 weeks)

Medication: Yes




Malpractice History

Documented Death or Injury

CAD - 15921 E 8 Mile Rd

March 4, 2016: 911 response to Eastland Women’s Clinic for abortion patient suffering severe vaginal hemorrhage.

Eastland - fire dept response re 911 on april 27 2019

Tachycardia with possible uterine perforation on 25-year old woman.

April 27, 2019 CAD EWC

25-year old woman suffers tachycardia/possible uterine perforation.

Misc Documents

Eastland Womens - Child Predators - Tape 785

This transcript indicates that Eastland Women's Clinic does not report statutory rape of minors, as required by law.

506849 Eastland Women's Clinic Annual 12-11-15

More drug violations: expired drugs, improperly labeled drugs, failure to dispose of used syringes. Failure to have an emergency plan. Other violations.