Trust Women Wichita -- (formerly South Wind Women's Center)

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911 Recording: “Trust Women” Abortion Mill Leaves Woman Lacerated, Hemorrhaging, 11/8/2018 Former clinic abortionist: Allen S. Palmer Former clinic abortionist: Cheryl Ann Chastine Former clinic abortionist: Robin Bresette Desperate 911 Call: Abortion Being Forced on Scared Teen at Wichita Abortion Clinic Dec. 1, 2015 BOTCHED ABORTION: Ambulance Transports Patient From Wichita Abortion Clinic in Former Tiller Building 03/26/2015 Students, Congressman Brave Arctic Temperatures to Pray for an End to Abortion Man Attacks, Threatens to Shoot, Pro-Life Activist Outside Abortion Clinic in Wichita, Kansas Postcards Featuring Abortion Victim Photo Spark Controversy in Kansas Abortionists Jump Ship from Wichita Abortion Clinic as Fines and Scrutiny Mount  FEC Issues Two New Deficiency Letters to Wichita Abortion Clinic Owner Complaints Filed Against Wichita Abortion Clinic Owner Over Missing $37,000 in PAC Contributions Abortionist Allen S. Palmer has a felony conviction for Federal Income Tax evasion - was placed on probation for 5 years by the State of Missouri Elderly, blind, pro-life activist arrested for attempting to stop abortion guard from stealing sign Opened April 2013

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South Wind Women's Center (Wichita, KS) -- KS Dept of Health & Environment - Ambulatory Surgical Center license

Ambulatory Surgical Center license for South Wind Women's Center abortion clinic in Wichita, KS.

Oklahoma medical license - Andrea Harrell Chiavarini -- valid through 08-01-2019 - abortion clinic listings

Practice listings at Trust Women abortion clinics in Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Seattle.

Disciplinary History

Palmer, Allen S. - Medical License Probation, 1-30-1981

Jan. 30, 1981, State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts - Palmer's medical license placed on probation for 5 years, from Jan. 1981 through Jan. 1986. Registration Board required Palmer to provide 180 hours per year of free charitable medical services, for a total of five years, in lieu of surrendering his medical license.

Documented Death or Injury

Gmail - Christmas Break; Dec-22nd at 5pm to Jan-3rd at 7am INCIDENT REPORT_Redacted

E-mail incident report from the Kansas Coalition for Life indicating that the South Wind Women's Center would not treat a patient for an incomplete medication abortion, but sent her to the pro-life activists on the sidewalk for hep. She was eventually transferred to St. Jospeh's hospital for emergency care.

CAD-South Wind 911-03262015

Patient suffered vaginal hemorrhaging. Was transported to Galichia Heart Hospital in Wichita.

Misc Documents

Kansas Dept of Health & Environment logo - (from clinic license)

Sender logo from the KS Dept of Health & Environment -- see ambulatory surgical center license above.

Women fear for their safety and loss of rights if US abortion laws change -- SkyNews

2018 article featuring traveling abortionist Andrea Chiavarini.

CAD Transcript-Forced Abortion Incident 11112015

Nov. 11, 2015 - Computer Aided Dispatch Printout from 911 call placed by Mom whose daughter was being forced to have an abortion. Was being held against her will at abortion clinic.

South Wind Women's Center -- Abortionist list -- Kansas 24-Hour Informed Consent -April 2018

April 2018 abortionist list includes: Colleen McNicholas, DO, Leslie Page, DO, Andrea Chiavarini, MD, Sara Pentlicky, MD, and Thomas R. Horton, MD. See pages 1, and 4-6.

South Wind Women's Center - Final-24-Hour-Informed-Consent - 2013

Patient informed consent form - Allen S. Palmer, D.O., and Cheryl Chastine, MD, listed as abortionists.

Trust Women Annual Report 2014-2015

Details abortion clinic information, stats, board members, etc.

Police Report Re Alleged Forced Abortion 11112015

Nov. 11, 2015 - Police Report related to an alleged forced abortion incident involving a high school student who was being held against her will at the abortion clinic. Owner Julie Burkhart blocked police from checking on the welfare of the girl.

05-22-2019 - Kansas clinic returns to court over telemedicine abortions -

"The clinic in Wichita operated by the Trust Women Foundation also faces a complaint over its past telemedicine abortions filed with the state's medical board by officials from the anti-abortion group Kansans for Life. The state has enacted three laws in eight years to require physicians to be physically present when giving women pregnancy-ending medications."