South Dallas Surgical Health Services Center - Planned Parenthood


Lynn Darrel Jordan
Scott Spear

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7989 W Virginia Dr Suite 102

Dallas, TX 75237

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Former clinic abortionist: George "Sealy" Massingill Planned Parenthood to open new Dallas abortion clinic that meets new ambulatory surgical center standard Planned Parenthood Will Open a New Dallas Abortion Clinic to Clear Texas' New Hurdles 16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities miserably failed health inspections - Operation Rescue report, 10-3-2016 Darrel Lynn Jordan was former Medical Director before his sudden retirement in 4/2017.  As of July 2017, Dr. Jordan was reportedly again working at the clinic.    

Medication: No




Misc Documents

PPST Subpoena

TX HHS subpoena for records where baby parts were used or donated or sold for research.

PP Dallas Inspection Dec 17 2015

Inspection Report with numerous violations and deficiencies found, including: **facility failure to post patient bill of rights **failure to include results of a physician's physical exam in the patient medical record **no evidence of patients' physical exam by physician **no evidence of a physican's or nurse's post-operation exam of patients after surgery and before dismissal **no patient review during recovery after surgery, unless complications **failure to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for surgical patients **dark brown dried substance in waiting room **emergency call light not accessible by patients **patients' personal bags stored in contaminated or unclean areas **post-op bathroom ceiling had large brown water stains **patient snack food stored on the floor **no gauge on oxygen tank **vital sign machine maintenance expired **storage cabinet for sterile instruments peeling and cracking **patient supplies stored improperly and exposed to dust and contamination, and on the floor **2 suction machines without safety check stickers **biohazard sharps containers stored near open sterile patient supplies **mop bucket with dirty brown water next to drinking cups and cleaning supplies on the floor **clean linen stored directly on the floor **personnel not using protective equipment when handling dirty linens, infection and contamination hazard **biohazard waste storage room unsealed floor, allowing blood to leak from bags and infect floor **oxygen equipment not ready to use in an emergency **personnel failure to wear operating room attire (no head covers in surgical area) **failure to monitor temperature and humidity where sterile instruments were stored, causing likelihood of a fire hazard and possible microbial growth **contamination and microbial growth in sterile instrument packages due to failure to seal peel packs **failure to know Hepatitis B infection status of half the surgical personnel **failure to store medication in a safe and secure area **failure to display a statement informing patients/visitors how to file a complaint with the TX Dept of State Health Services regarding problems at the facility **more