NE Portland Center-Planned Parenthood -- (aka PP Columbia Willamette)


Elizabeth Paula Banks, NP
Nora J. Doty
Paula Helen Bednarek

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3727 NE Martin Luther King Jr.

Portland, OR 97212

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Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

2014 Form 990 PP Columbia Willamette

Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette -- State: OR -- Net Assets: $21,440,699 -- Gross Revenue: $24,138,786 -- Net Revenue: $2,468,776 -- Key Employee 1: Liz Banks (Director of clinical services) -- Key Employee 1 Compensation: $115,231 -- Key Employee 2: Marie Gibson (Lead Clinician) -- Key Employee 2 Compensation: $118,871 -- Key Employee 3: Mindie Metka (Lead clinician) -- Key Employee 3 Compensation: $102,388 -- Key Employee 4: Tatyana Dembrow (Lead clinician) -- Key Employee 4 Compensation: $101,011

Form 990-PP-Columbia Willamette-2013

Total Revenue: $21,562,101 / Net assets: $19,851,224

Form 990-PP-SW Oregon-2014

Total Revenue: $7,092,477 / Net assets: $11,426,512

2014 Form 990 -- PP Advocates of Oregon

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon -- State: OR -- Net Assets: $53,300 -- Gross Revenue: $578,948 -- Net Revenue: $23,216

May 2012 - Obstetrics & Gynecology -- Abortion pain control study at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (aka NE Portland Center PP)

Abortion pain control study at PP Columbia Willamette abortion clinic, in coordination with Oregon Health and Science University. See researchers' names on page 1, and location details on page 2.

2019-03-05 Complaint -- American Medical Asssociation & Planned Parenthood et al v. Azar

Lawsuit over Title X abortion regulations. Plaintiffs include the PP Federation of America, PP of Southwestern Oregon, PP Columbia Willamette, Thomas N. Ewing, MD, and Michelle P. McGregian, CNP. Plaintiff Thomas N. Ewing, MD, is Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Services for PP of Southwestern Oregon. Ewing and McGregian provide abortion counseling and referral at PP. See pages 11-12.