Comprehensive Women's Health Center


Aaron M. Lazorwitz
Angela L. Marchin
Ariel Sklar
Kristina M. Tocce
Maryam Guiahi
Rebecca H. Cohen
Stephanie B. Teal

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8111 E Lowry Blvd Ste 250

Denver, CO 80230

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Abortion clinic is affliated with the University of Colorado. See link on lower right of clinic web page. University of Colorado solicits funds for abortion clinic University of Colorado Family Planning Fellowship in abortion training  

Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

Univ of CO Denver -- Family Planning & Contraception - Family Planning providers, Comprehensive Women's Health Ctr abortion clinic

University of Colorado "Family Planning" services -- List of providers, and link to Comprehensive Women's Health Center abortion clinic. Family Planning providers include: Dr. Kristina Tocce, Dr. Maryam Guiahi, Dr. Rebecca Cohen, and Dr. Stephanie Teal.

Family Planning Highlights - University of Colorado Denver -- CWHC abortion clinic

The Family Planning Dept does abortions at the Comprehensive Women's Health Center. "The Division of Family Planning includes 5 faculty members, 2 Fellows, and 4 Professional research assistants... At the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center on the Lowry campus, we provide family planning clinical services including abortion... We provide extensive training of both fellows and residents to enhance the health of our community. ...[M]any people do not realize we run an extensive clinical research program at CWHC as well. ...[P]rojects being conducted at CWHC include assessing the burden experienced by women traveling greater distances to obtain an abortion, and comparing nitrous oxide versus IV sedation for 12-16 week abortion procedures."

Comprehensive Women's Health Center (Denver, CO) -- CU GME Provider Directory - Sept 2018

CU Provider Directory. Contains several abortionist listings at the Comprhensive Women's Health Center (8111 E. Lowry Blvd. Ste 250, Denver, CO). Abortionists include: Lazaro, Teal, Marchin, Guiahi, etc. Note: Not every doctor who works at the above clinic does abortions, since the clinic also provide ob-gyn services.