Commonwealth Women's Clinic (formerly American Women's Clinic)


Former abortionists: Chris Simopoulos, Parviz Modaber, Thomas Gresinger, and Rodger Fraser. See further info on right side of page.

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916 W Broad St

Falls Church, VA 22046

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Former clinic abortionist: Chris Simopoulos, MD Former clinic abortionist: Parviz Modaber, MD Former clinic abortionist: Rodger A. Fraser, MD Former clinic abortionist: Thomas H. Gresinger, MD Clinic abortionist Rodger Fraser was convicted of 4 felonies for practicing medicine without a license. Fraser botched an abortion on "Patient A" at Commonwealth Women's Clinic, causing the woman to suffer a perforated uterus, hemorrhage, emergency hysterectomy, and colostomy.  Fraser ultimately lost his medical license in both VA and NJ after severely injuring patients in botched abortions. Sept. 24, 1984 - "Simopoulos sells abortion clinic here" - The Washington Post --  Facing felony charges for running a "fake abortion" racket,  abortionist Chris Simopoulos sells his Falls Church abortion clinic to fellow abortion clinic owner Dr. Thomas Gresinger.  Gresinger changes the name from American Women's Clinic to Commonwealth Women's Clinic. Jan. 6, 1986 - "A Day at the Clinic" - by Joseph Sobran -- The Victoria Advocate -- Details of the day, as a pro-life group organizes a sit-in "rescue" at Commonwealth Women's Clinic Oct. 30, 1988 - "Anti-abortion protesters blockade clinic in VA" -- Washington Post July 30, 1994 - "Small fire set at rear of clinic in Falls Church" -- Washington Post Feb. 19, 1997 - "D.C. women's clinic damaged in fire; man arrested" -- Feb. 19, 1997 - "Abortion clinic set on fire" -- Washington Post Aug. 22, 2012 - "Former abortion nurse turned pro-lifer Joan Appleton passes away" - - Appleton was formerly employed at Commonwealth Women's Clinic in Falls Church, VA -- audio of undercover call to Commonwealth Women's Clinic  -- Clinic won't report statutory rape; offers secret pregnancy test to supposed "13-year-old" caller with "22-year-old" boyfriend. Nov. 20, 2001 -- Abortionist Rodger Fraser botches an abortion on "Patient A," at Commonwealth Medical Clinic.  "Patient A" suffers a perforated uterus, incomplete abortion, and a hemorrhage, requiring and emergency hysterectomy and colostomy. See pages 4-5. Feb. 8, 2002 -- The VA Medical Board suspends Dr. Fraser's license, after he botched an abortion on "Patient A." Fraser ignores the suspension and continues to perform abortions. June 12, 2002 --  After ignoring his license suspension, and continuing to perform abortions, Rodger Fraser is convicted of 4 felony counts of practicing medicine without a license.  He is sentenced to four months in jail. Aug 30, 2002 -- Abortionist Rodger Fraser's medical license is permanently revoked by the VA Medical Board.  The NJ Medical Board later suspends his license as well.  See pages 1-5.              

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Misc Documents

"Simopoulos Sells Abortion Clinic Here" -- The Washington Post, 9-24-1984

Abortionist Chris Simopoulos sells his Falls Church abortion clinic, after being arrested and charged for running a racket, performing "fake" abortions on dozens of non-pregnant women. Abortionist Thomas Greisinger buys the American Women's Clinic from Simopoulos, and renames it the Commonwealth Women's Clinic.

"Incident in Falls Church; A Day at the Clinic" - Joseph Sobran, The Victoria Advocate, 1-6-1986

Reporter Joseph Sobran follows the activities of a pro-life group through the day as they hold a sit-in "rescue" at the Commonwealth Women's Clinic in Falls Church.

"Anti-abortion protesters blockade clinic in VA" -- The Washington Post, 10-30-1988

500 pro-lifers gather at the Commonwealth Women's Clinic for a peaceful sit-in demonstration at the Commonwealth Women's Clinic. 238 pro-lifers are arrested as they sit in the clinic driveways, singing hymns.

"Former abortion nurse turned pro-life Joan Appleton passes away" -, 8-22-2012

Appleton formerly worked as head nurse at Commonwealth Women's Clinic.