San Jose-Planned Parenthood -- (aka PP Mar Monte)

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New Video Shows Evidence that Live Babies are Killed for Organs with Scissors at Planned Parenthood Former clinic abortionist: Timothy Fouch Liveright Dr. Nada Zecevic, at the University of Connecticut, purchased aborted fetal brain tissue from StemExpress to use in experimentation.  Patient consent forms indicate that this abortion clinic was a supplier of aborted fetal tissue to StemExpress.  See StemExpress documents below. Zecevic also bargained for aborted fetal "specimens" from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. Karen M. Webster also works here at the San Jose PP.  (See 2015 Form 990 below.)  Webster is a reportedly a primary care doctor, and might not perform abortions at this location.  

Medication: Yes





Sandra Loehner, RN -- California nursing license - valid through 01-31-2020

In 2015, registered nurse Sandra Loehner earned a $196,684 salary working for PP Mar Monte (located at the San Jose PP abortion clinic). See 2015 Form 990 documents below.

Karen M. Webster -- California medical license - valid through 01-31-2019

Webster works at PP Mar Monte (aka San Jose PP abortion clinic.) See page 15 of 2015 Form 990 below.

Webster, Karen M. -- California medical license application

Webster works at San Jose PP (PP Mar Monte).

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - 11-09-2016 Lab survey -- failure & plan of correction

Health Dept lab violations for PP Health Center in Reno, NV (not abortion clinic), owned by PP Mar Monte.

PP Mar Monte (Reno, NV) -- Laboratory license #4264 (exempt)

Lab license for Planned Parenthood location in Reno, NV (not an abortion clinic.) Facilily owned by PP Mar Monte.

Malpractice History

Defendant in Trujillo v. PP Califonia -- Dawn Weinstein, NP - at PP Northern California

Nurse Practitioner Dawn Weinstein works for PP Northern California. Weinstein is a defendant in the Trujillo v. PP California lawsuit.

El Cerrito PP -- 2018-05-01 Trujillo v. PP California - List of Parties

Lawsuit against defendants including PP Mar Monte, PP El Cerrito, and nurse practitioner Dawn Weinstein.

2018-05-01 Valerie Trujillo v. PP Mar Monte, PP Shasta Diablo et al

List of parties and case docket for lawsuit against several Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Malpractice case list -- Lawsuits against PP Shasta Diablo, PP Mar Monte, PP Northern California, etc

List of multiple malpractice suits against Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Misc Documents

2015 Form 990 -- PP Mar Monte - (aka San Jose Planned Parenthood)

Karen Webster, MD earned $189,354 salary. See page 15.

Nada Zecevic - Stemexpress correspondence (searchable)

Emails and invoices between StemExpress and Dr. Nada Zecevic. Zecevic purchased fetal brain tissue to use for experimentation at the University of CT. Consent forms indicate StemExpress used this abortion clinic "Planned Parenthood Mar Monte" (at 1691 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126) as a provider of aborted fetal tissue. See pages 17-19 for consent form info. See pages 31-38 for billable invoices for human fetal brains, etc.

2014 Form 990 -- PP Advocates Mar Monte Inc

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte Inc -- State: CA -- Net Assets: $1,411,496 -- Gross Revenue: $2,853,749 -- Net Revenue: $19,537

2014 Form 990 - Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Inc

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Inc -- State: CA -- Net Assets: $92,687,342 -- Gross Revenue: $94,603,768 -- Net Revenue: $2,057,150 -- Key Worker 1: Dorothy L Furgerson (Chief MD) -- Key Worker Compensation: $268,713 -- Key Worker 2: Abraham C Cabebe (Physician) -- Key Worker 2 Compensation: $230,013 -- Key Worker 3: Karen Webster (Physician) -- Key Worker 3 Compensation: $185,406

UCONN faculty directory profile - Nada Zecevic, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Neuroscience

Note: Nada Zecevic received her M.D. from the University of Belgrade Medical School in Serbia. She is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - (at San Jose PP) -- 2015 Form 990

Key employees: 1) Dorothy L. Furgerson, Chief Medical Director - $259,981 -- 2) Stephanie Marrell, COO - $209,726 -- 3) Abraham C. Cababe, Physician - $232,234 -- 4) Sandra Loehner, Clinician - $196,684 -- 5) Karen Webster, Physician - $189,354 -- 6) Catherine Valentine, General Counsel - $186,414. See page 15.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - (at San Jose PP) -- 2015 Form 990 excerpt - salaries (Sandra Loehner etc), p. 15

List of top salaried employees including two physicians and "clinician" Sandra Loehner, RN. Excerpt from page 15 of the 2015 Form 990 tax document.