Conversation recorded on March 12, 2009 at 11:21 on Channell 9

9-1-1: Kettering 9-1-1.  What's the address of your emergency?

Women's "Med" Center: 1401 East Stroop Road.

9-1-1: Um-hm. Is that an apartment?

Women's "Med" Center: No. It's the Women's Med Center.

9-1-1: Okay, what's going on there?

Women's "Med" Center: We have a patient who just is post-op on an abortion 
procedure and appears to be having some seizure-like disorder, and um, our anesthetist 
that is here just isn't comfortable anymore.  

9-1-1: Okay.

Women's "Med" Center: We've tried reversal.  She appears to be having some 
seizure activity.  

9-1-1: okay.

Women's "Med" Center: She gave us no history of anything.

9-1-1: what's your phone number there?

Women's "Med" Center: It's 937-293-3917

9-1-1: 3917?

Women's "Med" Center: Yeah.

9-1-1: How old is she?

Women's "Med" Center: Um- of course I'm here without her charts. 

9-1-1: That's okay.  About how old is she?

Women's "Med" Center: She is twentyish.

9-1-1: Okay.  Is she breathing?

Women's "Med" Center: Yes.  She is breating.

9-1-1: Is she conscious now?

Women's "Med" Center: No. She is not.

9-1-1: Okay.  Is she actively seizing?

Women's "Med" Center: Yes.

9-1-1: Okay, we'll get someone out there to you.  Will you- front entrance- is that 

Women's "Med" Center: Yeah, front entrance is fine and we need her to go to 
Miami Valley.

9-1-1: Okay, you can let the crews know when they get there.

Women's "Med" Center: Okay, thank you.

9-1-1: Bye-bye.