Rodney Lee Stephens

Abortion Mill

Women's Health Center of West Virginia

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510 Washington St. W

Charleston, WV 25302

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NAF abortion clinic abortionist leaves fetus’ head inside the woman’s uterus, patient sues Abortion provider responds to lawsuit Abortion providers respond to AG's request for information Woman files lawsuit in 'botched abortion' Abortion lawsuit allegations rebutted

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No



Malpractice History


Malpractice suit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Itai Gravely against Women's Health Center of West Virginia and Stephens alleging a severely botched forced abortion without anesthesia.

9 Malpractice Cases-RStephens

Details of 9 malpractice payouts reported to the West Virginia Board of Medicine.

Botched Abortion Leaves Baby's Head Inside Mother's Womb, Lawsuit Filed

June 10, 2013, - Abortion patient sues doctor Rodney Stephens after he botches abortion, leaves baby's head in uterus.