Laura D. Castleman

Abortion Mill

Ann Arbor Health Center-Planned Parenthood -- (aka PP Mid and South Michigan)
Kalamazoo Health Center-Planned Parenthood
Formerly worked for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, which houses an abortion training program.

Medical School

University of CA School of Medicine at San Fransicso

Phone Number



3100 Professional Dr. 4201 W Michigan Ave.

Ann Arbor Kalamazoo, MI 48104 49006

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center -- Family Planning Dept. Pro-Life Leaders Confirm that Planned Parenthood Kalamazoo Was Involved in Patient Death - 8/31/2016 Chilling 911 Call: Mom Finds Daughter “Cold as Ice” After Abortion - 8/10/2016 State of MI, license verification - Laura Denise Castleman State of MD, expired license (Note Johns Hopkins Med Center address) - Laura Denise Castleman (search by name) NAF abortion training report - Dr Laura Castleman cited as abortion training faculty.  See page 2. "Woman Centered Abortion Care" abortion training manual - Dr. Laura Castleman, co-author "Buccal misoprostol as cervical preparation for second trimester pregnancy termination," - Dr. Laura Castleman, co-author Laura Castleman previously worked at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  See primary practice address on MD medical license verification.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Malpractice History

Rygwelski v Castleman

Filed March 17, 2017. Suit for wrongful abortion of wanted child due to misdiagnosis.

02-26-2018 Defendants' trial witness list - Rygwelski v. PP Mid and South Michigan

Defendants' witness list in malpractice suit against defendants including Laura Castleman.

Documented Death or Injury

Family Comes Forward with New Evidence, Questions about Cree Erwin’s Fatal Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood - 04-14-2017

Abortionist Laura Castleman is sued after writing a prescription for patient Cree Erwin, who died from a fatal botched abortion at Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood. See page 3.

Misc Documents

Manual Vacuum Aspiration for Treatment of Early Pregnancy Loss - Sep 2002

Abortionists Vanessa Dalton and Laura Castleman write a joint piece on manual vacuum aspiration techniques for abortion procedures.

NAF - Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion Training

Report from National Abortion Federation on international abortion training program. Dr. Laura Castleman named as abortion training faculty member. See page 2.

Castleman, Laura - Abortion Training Manual

"Woman Centered Abortion Care" abortion training manual. Dr. Laura Castleman, co-author.