Harold O. Alexander

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Howard University College of Medicine

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7610 Pennsylvania Ave #305

Forestville, MD 20747

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Warning!  LICENSE REVOKED!! Former abortionist at: Integrated Ob/Gyn Services Former abortionist at: Prince George Reproductive Health Services Late-Term Abortionist that Blamed Operation Rescue for His Problems Has Medical License Revoked, 10/28/2016 Link to his medical license data Warning: Repeat Offender Harold Alexander Ordered To Stop Abortions in Maryland 10/28/2013 Troubled Maryland abortionist receives only a 3-month suspension for operating an unlicensed facility, egregious behavior Devious abortionist caught red-handed doing illegal late-term abortions, but board doesn't care Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ licensed abortion facilities that failed to meet requirements -- (See info on Integrated Ob/gyn Services and Harold Alexander)  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Disciplinary History

Charge by Medical Board- July 8, 2015

Charges of doing late-term abortions and fetal demise injections in unlicensed facility and without hospital privileges.

Consent Order

June 25, 2014: Three months suspension and probation for a laundry list of violations, including operating an illegal, unlicensed abortion clinics, failing to have an RN during abortions, untrained & unqualified staff, shoddy record keeping, etc.

Suspension Stay and Probation Order

July 21, 2014: Suspension Stayed for 3 years with 3 years of probation imposed.

Board Charges Filed 01132014

Jan. 13, 2014: Board Charges

Board Discipline for Botched abortions and Pill Mill

This guy is a dirt bag, read this and you will never go to see this Doc, except in jail

Amended complaint 05142012

Contains added charge of document shredding based on complaint filed by Operation Rescue.

Harold Alexander - License Suspension - July 31, 2012

The MD Board of Physicians suspends Harold O. Alexander's medical license and places him on probation for unprofessional conduct and violation of health code, including: inappropriate sexual remarks to patients; prescribing drugs to self, family, and friends; intentional destruction of medical records.

MDBP Letter Confirming Alexander Suspension

Note that Alexander is a danger to the public.

Malpractice History

Alexander case part III

Complaint in Hall v. Alexander where the abortionist was sued for not advising patient of a molar pregnancy that turned cancerous and led to a complete hysterectomy at age 21.

McIntyre, Clifton v Alexander 2012

Medical Malpractice: Negligent management of labor and delivery that caused injury to the baby.

Smith v Alexander 2008

Medical Malpractice-Negligent labor and delivery resulted in maternal death from hemmorhage.

Moody v Alexander

Medical Malpractice

Smith v Boukadoum, et al

Medical Malpractice: Failure to diagnose and treat breast cancer in a timely manner

Alexander case part I

Civil judgment reduced from $1 mill to $650,000

ALexander case part II

Plaintiff objection to reduced civil judgment after Alexander's negligence led to a patient getting cancer and hysterectomy

Smith v Boukadoum, et al (full complaint)

Medical Malpractice: Failure to diagnose and treat breast cancer in a timely manner.

Alexander case part IV

Shannon Hall's pretrial statement of injuries received resulting from Alexander's neglgence.

Sago v Smith et. al.

Botched vaginal birth that caused injury to baby

License Restrictions

Alexander MD License Revocation Order

October 25, 2016, license revocation order. Board determined that Alexander can not safely continue to practice after he violated the standard of care in the treatment of a woman who presented with an already dead baby.

Alexander Suspension-04162014

Unprofessional Conduct and violation of Consent Order related to operating an unlicensed abortion facility and other abuses. 3 months suspension and 3 years probation.


Warning: Alexander ordered to "Cease and Desist" committing abortions and administering certain drugs, including sedation.

Modified Cease & Desist Order

December 19, 2013: Allowed to do surgical abortions only at licensed facilities. Must prescribe drugs consistent with DEA regulations.

Misc Documents


Complaint to Deny Discharge of Debtor.

Bankruptcy, 2013

Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal.

Bankruptcy, 2013

Request for Discharge Denied.

Bankruptcy, 2013

Answer to Complaint from the US Treasury - Request for Discharge


Voluntary Petition.




Debtor's Statement of Intention.


Final Decree.