Quentin DeHaan

Abortion Mill

Tampa Women's Health Center

Medical School

Columbia University College of Physics

Phone Number


2010 E Fletcher Ave

Tampa, FL 33612

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Bread & Roses aka Indian Rocks Women's Center (Clearwater, FL) Former abortionist at: Women's Health Center - St. Petersburg, aka Bread & Roses

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Bread And Roses (Clearwater, FL) -- 2015 Florida abortion clinic license renewal - (aka Indian Rocks Women's Center)

As of 2015, abortionists are Quentin DeHaan, MD, and Rupa Patel, MD. See page 5.

Disciplinary History

Quentin DeHaan - Public Reprimand - Apr 11, 1990

The Florida Department of Professional Regulation issues a $2,000 fine and public reprimand to Dr. Quentin DeHaan for failure to maintain medical records and to practice medicine with the requisite care, skill and treatment.