Jonathan Todd Foster

Abortion Mill

Summit Medical Center (Detroit)

Medical School

Yale University School of Medicine, May 1990

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15801 W McNichols Rd

Detroit, MI 48235

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Former abortionist at: Summit Women's Center - Hartford Former abortionist at: Summit Women's Center - Bridgeport Connecticut license profile notes Foster was involved in at least two medical malpractice suits in 2005 and 2011. Foster is under investigation by the Michigan Medical Board for possibly "obtaining his license through fraud or deceit," for not disclosing his previous medical discipline to the Michigan Medical Board.  See documents below. Foster formerly worked at Summit Women's Center abortion clinics in Bridgeport and Hartford, CT. Both clinics closed in Oct. 2015.  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Application for medial license in Connecticut.

Disciplinary History

Foster, Jonathan Todd -- Michigan Medical Board Investigation -- 02-11-2018 Administrative Complaint - 07-12-2019 Memorandum

The Michigan Medical Board files a complaint against Jonathan Todd Foster, MD, after finding that he failed to disclose his previous medical discipline when he obtained his medical license and controlled substance license in Michigan. See pages 1-2. "In Feruary [sic] 2018, a file was opened against the Licensee's medical license (#43-01-113642) based on allegations and evidence that Licensee failed to disclose prior disclipline on his application for a medical license, thereby obtaining his license through fraud or deceit. A review of the file indicates that Licensee also failed to disclose his prior disclinary action when submitting his applications for a controlled substance license and a drug control location license."

2015-08-18 Connecticut medical board -- Consent Order

The CT medical board disciplines Jonathan Foster for doing a hysterectomy on a pregnant patient, without realizing she was pregnant. Foster gets a reprimand and fine of $5000.

Consent Order 082015

Reprimand and fine of $5,000 for providing below standard care to a pregnant woman in 2011.

Malpractice History

2010 Arroyo et al v. Millerick et al -- Case docket

Lawsuit against defendants including Jonathan Foster, & Physicians for Women's Health.

Clark v. Preterm Health Services - JONATHAN FOSTER SUED IN MA NO LICENSE

Jonathan Foster is sued in Massachusetts malpractice case.

2010-05-03 Memorandum -- Arroyo v. Millerick

Lawsuit against defendants including Jonathan Foster.

Documented Death or Injury